Sunday, 22 January 2017  
Harry Belafonte: Make U.S. 'ungovernable' for Trump

Tthe singer/activist said 'the ending of civilization is what's at stake' with Trump presidency.

You could get money back if you bought milk

Millions of milk buyers could get a payousome dough alleged conspiracy in which milk producers drove up the cost of milk by prematurely killing cows has led to a class action settlement and an opportunity for millions of milk buyers to get money back

Feds to pay $24M in Secret Service discrimination case
Man who shoved autistic teen runner gets probation
Obama administration gives $500 million to green climate fund
Texas police officer killed in standoff
Chelsea Manning's incredible journey from leaker to transgender crusader
Man burned while reportedly setting fire outside Trump hotel
Showbiz Minute: Moore, Trump, White
George H.W. Bush hospitalized in Houston for shortness of breath

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