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GOP leaders gamble with budget vote

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Paul Ryan has yet to strike a deal with lawmakers threatening to sink the budget — which would be a huge blow to Republicans’ tax push.

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McConnell, Cornyn firmly in charge despite flak from right

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Attacks from Hannity and Bannon don't dent standing with Senate GOP.

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GOP's beloved taxman about to be ‘the most hated guy in Washington’

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House Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady aims to please, but just wait til tax reform gets going.

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Flake won’t be ‘vindictive’ toward Trump agenda

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The retiring GOP senator says he won’t automatically vote against GOP priorities — but he plans to rev up oversight of the administration.

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Senate panel expects to receive Clinton campaign documents this week

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The development comes amid renewed interest in the now-famous Trump dossier, which was funded in part by the Clinton campaign.

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Top House tax writer still eyeing 401(k) changes despite Trump’s denial

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Lawmakers have floated several ideas, including an income threshold for who could keep the current benefit or changing the deduction to a tax credit.

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Corker vows to get answers on Trump’s Russia sanctions delay

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The Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control 'is overwhelmed with all the sanctions activities,' Corker said.

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Corker in talks with Cardin on Iran nuclear deal

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An early outline of the Corker-Cotton proposal sparked significant resistance from Democrats as well as hawkish Sen. Marco Rubio.

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Trump tries to rally Senate Republicans after reigniting civil war

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The president visited the Capitol soon after trading insults with Sen. Bob Corker — and at a time when the GOP is desperate for a united front on tax reform.

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Trump’s day of unity turns into GOP crackup

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Trump wanted to rally Senate Republicans around tax reform — but found himself being condemned by members of his own party.

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Congress clears second disaster aid infusion

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Despite early criticism, the measure was overwhelmingly approved.

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Moore forms fundraising pact with national GOP

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The anti-establishment Alabama Republican will raise money with the RNC and NRSC.

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House GOP launches probes into Clinton, Obama controversies

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Republicans appear to make good on calls from Trump to scrutinize his election rival and White House predecessor.

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Trump heads to Capitol after reigniting GOP civil war

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The president traded insults with Sen. Bob Corker at a time when the GOP is desperate for a united front on tax reform.

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House Republicans gear up for imminent tax bill roll-out

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The conference is taking steps to avoid the missteps that hobbled Obamacare repeal out of the gate.

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Republicans quietly plot Dreamers deal

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GOP senators are getting closer to an immigration agreement that might pass muster with both Democrats and Donald Trump.

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McCain calls for war powers debate after Niger attack

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And Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Joe Dunford promised to ‘double my efforts’ to get Congress formation on the ambush.

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Key Russia investigator to attend Senate lunch with Trump

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"I go to a policy lunch every week," Burr said, adding: "I'm going to be in a body of colleagues. I don't think it's improper to go to a regularly scheduled lunch."

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McCain: I don't consider Trump to be a draft dodger

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The former POW had appeared to criticize Trump for draft deferments with a 'bone spur' quip.

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'Trump is messing with the wrong woman'

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The president has never feuded with a politician quite like Florida Rep. Frederica Wilson.

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