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Study shows so-called 'healthy obesity' is harmful to cardiovascular heath

Added: 12.09.2017 3:00 | 10 views | 0 comments

Clinicians are being warned not to ignore the increased cardiovascular health risks of those who are classed as either 'healthy obese' or deemed to be 'normal weight' but have metabolic abnormalities...


Staying in education linked to lower risk of heart disease

Added: 07.09.2017 3:00 | 43 views | 0 comments

Staying in education is associated with a lower risk of developing heart disease, finds a study published by The BMJ.


More evidence: Untreated sleep apnea shown to raise metabolic and cardiovascular stress

Added: 07.09.2017 3:00 | 6 views | 0 comments

Sleep apnea, left untreated for even a few days, can increase blood sugar and fat levels, stress hormones and blood pressure, according to a new study of sleeping subjects.

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Type 2 diabetes shares risk genes with heart disease

Added: 04.09.2017 11:00 | 41 views | 0 comments

A genome study of more than 250,000 people has found eight gene variants that are linked to altered risk for both type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

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Marriage may increase heart disease survival

Added: 02.09.2017 3:00 | 58 views | 0 comments

New research suggests that married people have higher heart disease survival rates and are more likely to recover after a heart attack than singles.

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Tick saliva may hold potential treatment for reducing HIV-linked heart disease risk

Added: 01.09.2017 3:00 | 9 views | 0 comments

Scientists may have found a clue to why people living with HIV have double the likelihood of developing heart disease.


Dark chocolate with olive oil associated with improved cardiovascular risk profile

Added: 31.08.2017 3:00 | 10 views | 0 comments

Dark chocolate enriched with extra virgin olive oil is associated with an improved cardiovascular risk profile, according to research presented today at ESC Congress.

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Large scale study shows slow walking pace is good predictor of heart-related deaths

Added: 31.08.2017 3:00 | 12 views | 0 comments

Study suggests that middle-aged people who report that they are slow walkers could be at higher risk of heart disease compared to the general population.


Reducing inflammation without lowering cholesterol cuts risk of cardiovascular events

Added: 30.08.2017 3:00 | 9 views | 0 comments

Inflammatory hypothesis confirmed: Landmark randomized clinical trial of high-risk patients finds that a drug targeting inflammation reduced risk of major adverse cardiovascular events.

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Too much salt may double your chances of heart failure

Added: 30.08.2017 3:00 | 44 views | 0 comments

A new study finds a strong correlation between a high individual salt intake and the risk of heart failure over a period of 12 years.

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Death rates from rheumatic heart disease falling since 1990

Added: 28.08.2017 3:00 | 12 views | 0 comments

The risk of dying from rheumatic heart disease, a condition of damaged heart valves caused by bacterial infection that leads to rheumatic fever, has dropped around the world over the last 25 years...

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'Good' cholesterol might actually be bad

Added: 24.08.2017 12:00 | 45 views | 0 comments

A large new study in the general population has found a link between excessive mortality and high levels of the so-called good cholesterol.


Heart failure patients, clinicians have differing perceptions of risk level

Added: 23.08.2017 3:00 | 10 views | 0 comments

Physicians identified a majority of patients with advanced heart failure as at high risk for transplant, left ventricular assist device (LVAD) or death while few of those patients considered...


How do vegetarian diets affect cholesterol levels?

Added: 22.08.2017 3:00 | 44 views | 0 comments

Long-term plant-based diets lower total cholesterol, suggests a new review and meta-analysis of observational studies and clinical trials.


Avocado seed husk may help to treat heart disease, cancer

Added: 21.08.2017 12:00 | 44 views | 0 comments

Most of us discard avocado seeds without a second thought, but a new study finds that the husk of these seeds may hold a treasure trove of health benefits.

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Medical experts outline the cardiometabolic health benefits of a plant-based diet

Added: 16.08.2017 3:00 | 10 views | 0 comments

Plant-based eating patterns continue to soar in popularity and a group of nutrition researchers outline the science behind this sustainable trend in a review paper, entitled "Cardiometabolic benefits...

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'Metabolically healthy obese' at twice the risk of heart disease

Added: 15.08.2017 11:00 | 12 views | 0 comments

Being both obese and healthy might be a myth, researchers say, pointing out that all overweight people are at an increased risk of coronary heart disease.


Air pollution linked to cardiovascular disease; air purifiers may lessen impact

Added: 15.08.2017 9:00 | 9 views | 0 comments

Exposure to high levels of air pollution increased stress hormone levels and negative metabolic changes in otherwise healthy, young adults in a recent study conducted in China.


E-cigarettes: How safe are they for cardiovascular health?

Added: 14.08.2017 3:00 | 41 views | 0 comments

A new study investigates the effect of chronic and acute exposure to e-cigarette vapor on the cardiovascular health of female mice.


Biological bypass shows promise in coronary artery disease

Added: 11.08.2017 3:00 | 51 views | 0 comments

A new gene therapy that targets the heart and requires only one treatment session has been found safe for patients with coronary artery disease, according to a successful trial carried out in Finland.


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