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Math at the Met

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Amid the museum’s 2 million works of art lie numerous mathematical curiosities

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15 Mathematical Curiosities to Celebrate Marie Curie's 150th Birthday

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Some numerical oddities fall out of this anniversary of the only person to win Nobel prizes in two separate scientific fields

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A Few of My Favorite Spaces: The Loch Ness Monster

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"They did the math, they did the monster math..."

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The Unforgiving Math That Stops Epidemics

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Not getting a flu shot could endanger more than just one’s own health, herd immunity calculations show


Household Chores for Mathematicians

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Need a babysitter? Ask a combinatorialist. Baseboards dirty? A number theorist won't mind cleaning them. And other highly scientific recommendations for mathematicians to handle the housework

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Which Sounds Better, Analog or Digital Music?

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The answer is subjective, but the underlying math is not

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Dusa McDuff's Favorite Theorem

Added: 07.10.2017 16:00 | 32 views | 0 comments

Dusa McDuff explains why she loves the nonsqueezing theorem—and what vegetable she'd pair it with

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A Few of My Favorite Spaces: The 1-Dimensional Sphere

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There’s more to the circle than meets the π

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Why History Should Matter to Code Breakers

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Quantum cryptography may be the leading edge of encryption, but many criminals and terrorists use centuries-old ciphers

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An Interview with Yours Truly

Added: 30.09.2017 12:00 | 33 views | 0 comments

What advice do I have for graduate students? Tl;dr: It's okay to get help

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How Does Geometry Explain the Phases of the Moon?

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What causes the Moon to change phases throughout the month? Why is it sometimes visible only during the day and other times only at night? What’s the relationship between these times and the...

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The Joy of Sexagesimal Floating-Point Arithmetic

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One eighth equals seven and thirty in this strange base 60 world

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Mathematicians Measure Infinities, and Find They're Equal

Added: 16.09.2017 7:00 | 33 views | 0 comments

Proof rests on a surprising link between infinity size and the complexity of mathematical theories


Why Is It Important to Study Math?

Added: 02.09.2017 8:00 | 36 views | 0 comments

What’s the point of learning math? Why is it so important that kids are exposed to mathematical thinking? And what do parents and teachers need to know about learning real math? Keep...


Mathematical Wave Puzzle Shines Light on the Physics of Electrons

Added: 30.08.2017 7:30 | 6 views | 0 comments

A mathematician and her collaborators figured out how to predict electrons’ behavior by studying the mathematics of waves


Emille Davie Lawrence's Favorite Theorem

Added: 26.08.2017 9:00 | 38 views | 0 comments

Why the University of San Francisco math professor loves the compact surface classification theorem


A Few of My Favorite Spaces: A 6-Holed Torus

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It all starts with a pentagon...

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How Math Puzzles Help You Plan the Perfect Party

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The right mix of people who already know one another, of boys and girls--Ramsey numbers may hold the answer

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Mathematics World Mourns Maryam Mirzakhani, Only Woman to Win Fields Medal

Added: 17.07.2017 14:45 | 10 views | 0 comments

The brilliant Stanford professor, killed by breast cancer at 40, worked with shapes unconstrained by the real world


What Are Mixed Fractions?

Added: 08.07.2017 8:00 | 37 views | 0 comments

How do they work? And how can you turn them into improper fractions? Keep on reading to find out!


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