Woman Is Shocked When She Sees Her Neighbor’s Welsh Corgi Riding Her Pony At Night

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Source: articulo.mercadolibre.com.ve
Source: articulo.mercadolibre.com.ve

It’s the kind of story that you would never believe if it wasn’t caught on video. Callie Schenker of Bolivar, Missouri, came home after dark one night to find her , Cricket. Schenker knew she had to capture it, and the friendship between Cricket the pony and the neighbor’s Corgi has gone viral.

The New York Daily News says that the owners of the Corgi likely don’t know that their cattle-herding dog is famous because they are Mennonite and don’t go online. The video is just 15 seconds but it clearly shows the Corgi sitting on Cricket the pony and then trotting off into the night.
Callie Schenker took the video and posted it on Facebook.

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