Yale Student Takes Selfie With Severed Heads: Ivy League Fury Erupts Over Disrespect For Cadavers

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Source: rememberingletters.wordpress.com
Source: rememberingletters.wordpress.com

Outrage ensued after a selfie emerged online of a Yale dental graduate student posing with two severed human heads that he took during a workshop at the Connecticut university. Creating a photo with a rather grotesque and gory depiction of severed heads is not what most people would expect from anyone affiliated with this university, which takes pride in only accepting the cream of the crop when it comes to students.
Yale University vows to ensure the cadavers that are donated for the sake of science will be treated with the utmost respect after over a recent online picture, according to ABC News.
Karen Peart, speaking on behalf of the university situated in New Haven, said, “The photograph taken at a symposium at Yale was disturbing and an inexcusable deviation from anything Yale would expect to occur.”

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