Elon Musk’s Space Tesla Still Positioned For Mind-Blowing Fate Despite Overshooting Asteroid Belt

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Source: www.thevintagenews.com
Source: www.thevintagenews.com

A shiny red Tesla Roadster isn’t something that will fit in with all the other objects floating through space, which is very apparent after a picture of the car and its lone dummy named Starman was sent back to Earth. Elon Musk’s Tesla Roadster was blasted off into space with a mission of taking its place in heavens where it will journey in an elliptical orbit between Earth and Mars.
Once that bright red car got up into space it turns out that “the final engine blast farther than expected,” according to The Atlantic. This overshoot seemed to suggest the car’s final destination was not in the intended asteroid belt between the Earth and Mars but between Mars and Jupiter.

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