Lauren, A 29-Year-Old Lifelong Virgin Pregnant With A ‘Miracle’ Baby, Shares Her Story

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Lauren is a 29-year-old lifelong virgin, and later this year she is expecting her first “miracle” baby.
The woman, who has remained anonymous except for her first name, is sharing her story this week and generating some controversy for her pregnancy and what she calls her miracle.
Lauren comes from a religious community in Manitoba, Canada, and decided that she would wait until she was married to have sex. But she also wanted to become a mother, so she decided to go against her parents’ wishes and conceive through in-vitro fertilization.
Now, Lauren is talking to about her unusual decision and the backlash she received from many people about it. Lauren told the magazine that she hasn’t had much luck on the dating scene, and that she wasn’t thrilled with some of the crude messages she received when she tried her hand at online dating, so she has chosen to remain single.

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