American Woman Sleeps With Headache And Wakes Up With English Accent: Meet Michelle Myers

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Michelle Myers is not crazy. She is not faking it. The American woman does have a serious problem. But, it is difficult for the mother of seven to convince people.
Many find the British accent hot. For Michelle Myers, it has made her life more difficult. One night, she was suffering from headache and went to sleep. Next morning, she woke up with an English accent. The Buckeye woman claims to have never left the United States.
This was not the first time Michelle Myers woke up with a foreign accent. Earlier, she woke up with an Irish accent. Then, she also woke up with an Australian accent. However, it did not last more than a week for the other two accents. She got the British accent a couple of years back. And, it’s been the same since. The problem is people don’t take her condition seriously.
“We just really want to be taken seriously.”

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