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Exclusive First Look at Casey Holmes's Spotlight Highlighter Palettes For Smashbox

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It seems like every day there is either another or , but the Casey Holmes x Smashbox Spotlight Palettes are worth taking note of! The YouTuber created two highlighter palettes for the mega beauty brand, and they're as dazzling as they are wearable.
Though Casey doesn't need help growing her star power - she has over 1 million and almost 840,000 - she told us via phone that working with Smashbox is a dream come true.
When she got word the partnership was happening, she was surprised. "I was like, are you serious? For real? Me?" she said. "It's my first big collab, so I'm really excited that it's with Smashbox, and it's been a really awesome experience. I'm very grateful that they asked me."
Her luck continued when Smashbox agreed to let her create not one but two glam palettes.
"It was originally supposed to be one palette," she enthused. "We sat in a circle talking about different shades, and it was really hard to narrow down, because there were so many great options. Then we just decided: well, why don't we just do two? And so that's how we came up with the Pearl and the Gold."
Both of the Spotlight palettes (Pearl and Gold) feature three colors: two shimmery shades (Turn It On and Crank It Up) plus one megasparkly hue (Blow a Fuse).
"Warm [skin tones] would probably like Gold a little bit more," she advised. But in general, she created both iterations to work with diverse complexions.
"I definitely wanted a light, medium, and then a supersparkly shade, just so people had options," she said of her shade choices. "Blow a Fuse is like a topper." There's also little pamphlets inside each palette with how-to tutorials by Casey.
While it can be like choosing between children, Casey revealed that the Turn It On from the Pearl palette is her favorite color. "There is like a story behind that one," she admitted. "There was a shade in a discontinued palette that I was in love with, and I really wanted to have it in these palettes. I was so passionate about it and that's basically the same shade as the Turn It On Pearl. This one is really creamy and even tense, so it's my perfect shade!"
In 2017, it's not innovative to use highlighter. But that's why Casey created it - the strobing product is now considered a basic. "Highlighter is one of those products that I use every day, no matter if I'm doing like a natural look or dramatic look," she confirmed. "If I ever have makeup on, then I always have highlighter on. Sometimes makeup can look a little flat, and highlighter can bring the glow back and make you look really youthful."
And by now, we all know to dab highligher on the tops of cheekbones, so we asked Casey some unexpected spots to strobe. "I personally love doing my collarbones and my shoulders," she said. "It's so flattering to do it right on the ball. I also always match my highlighter on the top of my cheekbones with my brow bone highlight. It syncs it together and just looks so beautiful."
Prepare to get lit with the Casey Holmes x Smashbox Spotlight Palettes for $35 each when they launch at Sephora on Feb. 21. Keep reading to see images of Casey wearing the highlighter, swatches, and a first reveal of the palettes!

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