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9 reasons why I fell in love with Oaxaca City, Mexico and why you will too

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A laid-back, blossoming cultural and culinary capital filled with elegant colonial buildings, tree-lined streets, vibrant markets, top museums and artists and artisans galore, Oaxaca is one of Mexico’s most captivating and creative cities. Our guest blogger  Ash-lea Gazzola from Break Loose Journal has called Oaxaca her home for over a year now and has fallen head over...

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10 very cool reasons to add Montreal to your travel list

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An extraordinary city overflowing with creative energy, positivity and an outlook on life no other place on earth, after spending a week in the largest city in Canada’s Québec province, here are my 10 very cool reasons you should travel to Montreal now… The dizzying array of festivals and cultural events Name a season, an...

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The coolest hipster meccas to visit in Eastern Europe

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With a post-communist and increasingly cosmopolitan vibe and plenty of artistic creavity juxtaposed with historic sites and pockets of conservative attitudes, what was formally known as Eastern Europe has some extraordinary places to visit. Fancy yourself as a bit of hipster? If so, our guest blogger Jules Bukovsky, a traveller and expat with a taste for...


A weekend exploring Edinburgh and beyond – history, culture and quirky cafes

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Spectacularly perched on a series of extinct volcanoes and rocky crags, Scotland’s famous capital city is justifiably proud and noble city. Instantly visually striking, friendly, lively – there’s a thriving tight-knit local scene of music, art and theatre – and sublimely elegant in equal measures, there’s not a city in the world quite like it....


Where to find the best cocktails around the world – the bloggers guide

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Every traveller I know loves cocktails. You probably know the feeling well – you’ve just landed at the airport at your chosen destination and now you’re waiting for your taxi and daydreaming about having a cocktail at the beach or a local bar. Yep, travel and cocktails just seem to go hand in hand. Just...


8 of the most jaw-droppingly beautiful vineyards to visit in Tuscany

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Since the glorious concoction of wine was discovered as early as the 9th century BC, people have been captivated by its fullness or body, to have with bubbles or without and simply, its bouquet. Scores of tracts of lands have been dedicated to the cultivation of the perfect grape and generations of families have thus been...

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How to spend 48 hours in Montreal for travel snobs

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The Québec province’s largest city is a place with an unrestrained love for the arts, festivals, all things creative and generally living life to the hilt. To help celebrate the 150th anniversary of Canada I spent an extraordinary seven days exploring Montreal and after that week I was captivated. I loved their unique outlook on life and the hugely...

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A 24 hour Michelin driving experience in the Brecon Beacons, Wales (inc. video)

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It’s not every day I’m invited to drive an Aston Martin for a day, a car so inextri­cably linked to James Bond it’s many a mans dream fantasy to drive one, but last week I was invited to South Wales by Michelin and Supercar Driver to do just that. With a Michelin dining experience and an...


Our under-the-radar European destinations to visit in September

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When it comes to travel breaks, Europe is hugely diverse – in every corner lurks a culture to discover, a picturesque landscape to explore or a beautiful historical building to unearth. If you’re someone who likes to escape the crowds then September is the ideal time to visit, and if you’re some one who really...

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The most extraordinary places to stay around the world for travel snobs

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‘Adventure’ Travel, ‘ Experiential’ Travel, ‘ Exploratory’ …Travel – the tag words are endless, yet the challenge remains the same – finding a truly extraordinary lodging in places less explored. The lovely folks at Untrodden – a company made up of curious explorers and adventurers who like many of our team, like nothing better than journeying to rural...


10 of the most mesmerizingly beautiful islands to visit in Vietnam

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Vietnam is the home to some of the most amazing paradise-esque islands you will ever visit. Some of these are pretty well known but there are still many beautiful under-the-radar gems just waiting to be discovered. Sprinkled like cut diamonds on a counter our guest blogger Ryan Smith a full-time traveller and founder of,...

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Exploring the Mediterranean: cruising the cool way with Larry Lamb (inc.videos)

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As you well know here at Global Grasshopper we are all about discovering the hidden gems and steering clear of the obvious tourist traps. Cruising has long been associated with either rowdy 18-30 trips packed with brits or sedate voyages for the over 60’s. Thompson Travel have taken it upon themselves to reinvent the cruise...


Pixter review: testing the funky new smartphone lens at Hampton Court gardens

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I’ve actually got a bit of confession to make, despite being a travel blogger I’m actually a bit of a technophobe. There’s probably about a zillion gadgets out there I probably should be trying out but with soo many coming onto the market every month it’s a bit overwhelming and actually hard to keep up....


15 travel hacking accessories that will improve your life in 2017

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From inflatable chairs to desks you can carry around with you everywhere, here are 15 of ultimate up-the-minute travel hacks that will make your globetrotting adventures a piece of cake in 2017. Get ready to be revolutionised and become a 21st-century intrepid nomad….we promise you’ll be wondering how you ever coped before! 1. The Smart...

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In pictures: a quintessential English picnic at Waddesdon Manor

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A few weeks back on one of the hottest days of the year we were challenged by Brancott Estate wines to do something for the very first time for their #BrancottFirsts campaign. We choose to take a quintessentially English picnic in the grounds of beautiful Waddesdon Manor, located near Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, only about a mostly...

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7 beautiful reasons to visit the Adirondack Mountains – America’s best kept secret

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Being a Brit I’m ashamed to say I hadn’t heard much about the Adirondack Mountains before my visit, well apart from the semi-schlocky killer-animal flick Lake Placid which is set in the area of course (okay that’s even more embarrassing to admit). But to New Yorkers and beyond, this is bonafide backcountry – a place adorned...


Competition: share your hidden gem for a chance to win a trip to Ecuador!

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If you’ve been following our blog for a while you’ll know we’re all huge fans of under-the-radar travel, we love it so much in fact you’ve probably noticed we’ve made our niche out! So to celebrate all things off-the-beaten path we’ve teamed up with Audley Travel who are offering a chance to win an incredible...


Competition: win an Ocean Florida travel goodie bag

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The 4th July is one of the most important dates in the USA calendar – a time to celebrate independence, set off some fireworks and have one humongous party! We may be based more than 3,000 miles away from our friends across the pond, but we’re still marking the momentous day. To do this we’ve teamed up...

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10 of the most amazing restaurants in Copenhagen for travel snobs

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Denmark is a beautiful country, and Copenhagen – one of my personal favourite cities in the world – is a wonderful place to discover Danish culture. From Tivoli Gardens and Rosenborg Castle to Nyhavn and wonderful Christianshavn, after a long day sightseeing you’ll won’t want to miss dining at one of their impeccably designed restaurants,...


8 beautiful and meaningful gifts for travellers

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It’s always tricky to buy gifts for those wayward friends who never stay put for longer than a few months at a time. You want to find them something practical, unique and most importantly something they can take with them to remind them of you wherever they may land. To help with those tricky buys...

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