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Final Fantasy IX PS One vs PS4 Graphics Comparison

Added: 24.09.2017 7:23 | 0 views | 0 comments

Final Fantasy IX was surprisingly announced and released during TGS 2017. As it seems PS4 edition is a port of PC version already available on Steam since quite some time. Nevertheless its still worth checking how the game has been improved since its debut back in 2000 so without further ado lets compare PS One original with PS4 remake.

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Review: SteamWorld Dig 2 (PC) - Geeks Under Grace

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"Image & Form has definitely struck gold once again. SteamWorld Dig 2 is a vast improvement over the last few entries to the series. Though I would love to see more of SteamWorld, they really tie the last three games together in the end. Image & Form has the potential to work on something even bigger, and I would love to see that happen. Brjann Sigurgeirsson (CEO) did mention that they are working on something that everyone is going to love, and theres no telling what that could be at the moment. I may have reviewed the game on PC, but I guarantee that Switch owners are going to adore SteamWorld Dig 2."

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Who is Molly Goddard? How the young British designer adored by Rihanna became fashion's unlikely hero

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We chart the success story of Goddard's designs loved by celebrities the world over

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Michigan sued after gay couples are rejected for adoption

Added: 20.09.2017 12:11 | 2 views | 0 comments

The American Civil Liberties Union says Michigan is illegally allowing faith-based groups to reject gay couples who want to adopt kids or become foster parents.


Facing complaints, Microsoft adopts a kinder, gentler Windows 10 upgrade pace

Added: 20.09.2017 9:57 | 3 views | 0 comments

As Windows 10 enters its third year, Microsoft has slowed its pace for delivering feature updates. That's a big change from its first two years, and Windows users are seeing the payoff.


White man arrested in slayings of 2 black men in Louisiana

Added: 19.09.2017 20:22 | 2 views | 0 comments

A 23-year-old white man was arrested Tuesday and accused of cold-bloodedly killing two black men and shooting up a black family's home in a string of attacks last week that police say may have been racially motivated.
A law enforcement official said authorities found a handwritten copy of an Adolf...


Adobe tops Q3 targets on 26 percent revenue growth

Added: 19.09.2017 16:42 | 3 views | 0 comments

Once again, the Photoshop maker broke a corporate record for quarterly revenue.

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NASA astronaut adopts unusual 'pets' in space

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Astronauts on the space station don't have dogs or cats to keep them company, so sometimes they create their own microgravity pets.

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Surprise! Cops find Adolf Hitler speech in accused racist spree killer’s home

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After cops apprehended Kenneth Gleason for a series of race-based killings, they found texts by Hitler in his home

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Police find Hitler speech in home of white man accused of killing black men, firing on black family in Louisiana

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A 23-year-old white man arrested Tuesday was accused of killing two black men and firing on a black family in a string of attacks that police say may have been racially motivated.
A law enforcement official said they had found a copy of an Adolf Hitler speech at the home of Kenneth James Gleason,...


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