Sunday, 26 February 2017
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There’s no such thing as ‘clean coal’ – it’s dirty and expensive

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Australia and the US want to revive an uneconomical and polluting technology, and, worse, Australia plans to take money from a clean energy fund to do it

Air pollution may have masked mid-20th Century sea ice loss

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Humans may have been altering Arctic sea ice longer than previously thought, according to researchers studying the effects of air pollution on sea ice growth in the mid-20th Century.

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Indoor farming startup Bowery raises $6.3 million from investors including ‘Top Chef’ Tom Colicchio

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bowery_veggies_1 As pollution, extreme weather, and over-population threaten the viability of large, outdoor farms, a startup called Bowery Farming Inc. has raised $6.3 million in venture funding to grow food indoors, even in the middle of a city. The startup's high-tech approach uses robotics, LED lighting, computer vision, sensors and data analytics to grow leafy greens with no pesticides and very...


A Push for Diesel Leaves London Gasping Amid Record Pollution

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Britain’s efforts to aid the environment have inadvertently led to a spike in an even sidious form of air pollution than the deadly smog of 1952.


Here's How Climate Change Can Cause More Air Pollution (All By Itself)

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Not only does air pollution trap sunlight and cause climate change, but the relationship also works the other way: Rising temperatures increase levels of air pollution.


Air pollution linked to premature births

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Curbing outdoor air pollution could help prevent 2.7 million premature births a year, a condition that threatens children's lives and increases their risk of long-term physical and neurological problems, scientists said on Thursday.


Study links outdoor air pollution with millions of preterm births

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Outdoor air pollution has been linked to 2.7 million preterm births per year, a major study has concluded. When a baby is born preterm (at less than 37 weeks of gestation), there is an increased risk of death or long-term physical and neurological disabilities.

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How can the UK reduce air pollution?

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The European Commission says the UK has two months to address repeated breaches of air pollutants.


Air pollution may cause millions of premature births

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Pollution in south Asia has caused up to 1.6million premature births since 2010 as tiny pollutants get lodged in mothers' lungs, according to a new report from the Stockholm Environment Institute.


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