Monday, 27 March 2017
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Breathe easy? Air pollution trackers put to the test

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Lara Lewington finds out if air pollution gadgets can help her pick the healthiest route to take.


Why Rust Belt States Are Tackling Methane When Trump Won't

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Nobody raises an eyebrow when California takes steps to rein in air pollution – but what’s going on when conservative-leaning rust belt states such as Ohio and Pennsylvania are doing the same?


California regulator to vote on United States' strictest methane rule

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California's air pollution regulator is due to hold a vote on Thursday on methane emission regulations that it says would be the strictest in the United States in controlling the second-most prevalent greenhouse gas in the atmosphere.


Causes of the global water crisis and 12 companies trying to solve it

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It's World Water Day. Time to wake up and take shorter showers. That is, if we're fortunate enough to have them. Water scarcity and pollution are persistent global problems. According to End Water Poverty, some 663 million people around the world have absolutely no reliable access to clean, safe water year-round. And two-thirds of the world population faces water scarcity for...


Salmon with side effects: Aquacultures are polluting Chile's rivers with a cocktail of dissolved organic substances

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Tasty, versatile, and rich in essential omega-3 fatty acids: salmon is one of the most popular edible fish of all. Shops sell fish caught in the wild, but their main produce is salmon from breeding farms which can pollute rivers, lakes and oceans. Just how big is the problem? Scientists are working to answer this question by examining the dissolved organic compounds which enter Chile’s rivers from salmon farms. They warn that these substances are placing huge strain on ecosystems and are changing entire biological communities.

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Extreme weather and pollution 'made 2016 a climate RECORD-breaker'

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LAST YEAR was a climate record-breaker as man-made pollution and natural events combined to force up temperatures, the World Meteorological Organization has revealed.


Four MP committees launch air pollution probe

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The House of Commons has launched a ‘super-inquiry’ into pollution, which will see four select committees examine scientific evidence about the related health effects.


Vitamins could protect against pollution

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Vitamin B could help mitigate the effects of the most dangerous type of air pollution, according to a new study published Monday.


How bad is air pollution in the UK?

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Air pollution is in the news - but how bad is Britain’s air?


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