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Peru’s pardoned ex-president hospitalised

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Alberto Fujimori, Peru's former authoritarian president who was freed from a 25-year prison sentence with a humanitarian pardon on Christmas Eve, has been hospitalised with heart problems, his doctor has told local newspaper El Comercio.


Peru ex-President Fujimori hospitalised with heart problems

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Alberto Fujimori, Peru's former authoritarian president who was freed from a 25-year prison sentence with a humanitarian pardon last Christmas Eve, was hospitalised with heart problems on Sunday (Jan 14), his doctor told local newspaper El Comercio.


Albert & Otto now available for PS4 and Xbox One

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Just saving the damsel in distress...or is it himself?


Peruvians Rally Against Fujimori's Pardon and Release

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More protests were staged in Peru against the controversial decision to pardon former President Alberto Fujimori as thousands of students, trade unionists, and human rights activists marched in Lima amid a heavy police presence on Thursday, according to BBC News. The protesters demanded the dismissal of the pardon, but also the resignation of current President Pablo Kuczynski for his decision to grant it. Kuczynski pardoned Fujimori on Christmas Eve after the former leader served 25 years in prison over human rights abuses and corruption. Thursday was the fourth time that Peruvians flooded the streets in order to display their contempt for the decision that they say is proof of political...

Levitate sheep as the haunting Albert & Otto hits Xbox One

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Neil writes: "It's a game that is all about levitating sheep, utilising bunnies and traversing a haunting 1939 German world. Albert & Otto is here and it promises to bring a mysterious adventure to Xbox One!"


Albert & Otto: The Adventure Begins (PS4) - Review | SquareXO

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Rob Pitt writes: A few years back if an indie title came out and it was; artistic, drained of colour or silent, then you knew you were in for something different, something exciting. Nowadays, we have a shed-load of titles which fit within this description due to the baby-boom reaction to a certain Hawaiian pastime named game which came out in 2010. I dont personally mind a good indie game,  I dont really care what game sparked the inspiration or had mechanics borrowed in order to create a new game as long as the new game in question has its own spin on the genre and mechanics or recreates the feeling I had when I first played the aforementioned game. So, Does Albert and Otto sit out due to a back injury or does it scream how low can you go! as it twists and turns it way past the obvious inspiration?


Former bank employee suspected of theft applies for police job

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Police sought Alberto Saavedra Lopez since October 2016 when Bank of America suspected him of stealing. He was arrested at his 'interview.'


Louis C.K.’s Animated Series The Cops Dropped at TBS

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After suspending production on Louis C.K.’s animated comedy The Cops back in November, TBS has scrapped the series entirely, according to The Hollywood Reporter. C.K. and Albert Brooks were set to voice characters on the police show, which would have also starred trans actress Jen Richards as a trans character ...


Archetypal Landscapes: 10 Projects From The Barozzi / Veiga Workshop in Chile

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The second edition of the workshop organized by the School of Architecture (EA) of Universidad San Sebastián (Chile) had as main guest the Spanish architect Alberto Veiga, founding partner of  and author of projects such as the Philharmonic Hall in Szczecin and Ribera del Duero Headquarters. In addition to engaging in a series of debates with the participants of the workshop, Veiga had a public conversation with the Chilean architect  and shared the studio’s work and reflections on architecture in a master lecture.

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House in Viladecavalls / Albert Brito Arquitectura

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Viladecavalls is located on a small raised hill in Vallès area that makes that it has a dominant position to the territory. Located in an urban area with a garden city configuration and a dispersed and very heterogeneous architecture, the plot is behind the village and facing the landscape without any obstacle in front that can cover the view towards the territory.


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