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Brembo's Bombassei inducted into Automotive Hall of Fame

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Alberto Bombassei, the man behind those bright red and yellow Brembo brake calipers, joined three other legends into the Automotive Hall of Fame.

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Alberto Del Rio Quits Job as MMA President after Airport Incident

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Alberto Del Rio is tappin' out on his day job as president of the MMA org. Combate Americas after an alleged domestic incident last week involving his WWE superstar fiancee Paige. A rep for C.A. -- an MMA promotion featuring Latin...


Cops Say Paige Should Be Charged With Battery In Alberto Del Rio Airport Incident

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Cops in Orlando have recommended Paige be criminally charged for the incident in the airport with Alberto Del Rio, despite originally saying ADR was the only person under investigation. Orlando PD confirms they've "found that probable cause exists...


Cycling: Contador left empty-handed after day of vintage attacks

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Alberto Contador gave a glimpse of the old attacking style he hoped would allow him to challenge for overall victory in the Tour de France on Wednesday but the Spaniard's audacious attacks ultimately counted for nothing.


Solitary figure

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Albert Woodfox describes being confined for 43 years in solitary in Louisiana and what life is like after.


Albertavenator curriei: New Species of Bird-Like Dinosaur Identified in Canada

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A team of paleontologists from the Philip J Currie Dinosaur Museum, the University of Toronto and the Royal Ontario Museum has added another species of bird-like feathered dinosaur to the prehistoric catalog, and this one was found in Canada. Albertavenator curriei, as the paleontologists call the new dinosaur species, belongs to Troodontidae, a family of [...]


New species of dinosaur named after Canadian icon

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A new species of troodontid theropod dinosaur identified, Albertavenator curriei, named after renowned Canadian palaeontologist Dr. Philip J. Currie. Palaeontologists initially thought that the bones of Albertavenator belonged to its close relative Troodon, which lived around 76-million-years-ago. This new species of troodontid in the Late Cretaceous of North America indicates that small dinosaur diversity in the latest Cretaceous of North America is likely underestimated due to the difficulty of identifying species from fragmentary fossils.


1303_IH House / Albert Brito Arquitectura

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We had the opportunity to work in a blacksmith workshop to turn it into a home. Despite the need to completely change the configuration of space and structure we have tried to preserve the spirit of the workshop, the cranes, the light the systems and the materials.

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HALL OF FAME: Alberto Bombassei won 1st big break for Brembo

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In 1975, Alberto Bombassei organized a meeting that turned out to be the big break for the company his father, Emilio, and Italo Breda started in 1961.

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