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Budget 2017: boost for hard-pressed Brits as Chancellor freezes booze tax

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The Chancellor has announced a freeze on duty on most types of alcohol, bringing festive cheer to millions of Brits.

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Pledge Deaths Fuel Reviews of Fraternity Life

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The deaths of at least four fraternity pledges this year have helped fuel a re-examination of Greek life at US colleges, which have long struggled with how to crack down on hazing and alcohol abuse without disbanding the organizations. (Nov. 22)


These are the places in the U.S. where alcohol abuse is most prevalent

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Drinking alcohol is a part of many of our lives no matter where you live. But alcohol abuse can take its toll on not only your health, but the economy as well.


Minimum alcohol pricing in Scotland to start in May

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The move will raise the cost of the strongest, cheapest alcohol by setting a minimum price of 50p-per-unit.


Why you need to switch to Komsecco this party season

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In which we mix two of our favourite things: wellness and alcohol

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Okinawa car crash sparks US troops alcohol ban in Japan

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A Marine is under arrest for drink-driving after a deadly crash stokes resentment on Okinawa.

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Sleeve gastrectomy, common weight-loss surgery, lowers women's tolerance to alcohol

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Women who have had gastric sleeve surgery to lose weight may want to consider limiting the number of alcoholic drinks they consume post-surgery. A new study found that after undergoing sleeve gastrectomy, women could be legally intoxicated after drinking half the number of drinks than women who did not have this surgery.

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When male voles drink alcohol, but their partner doesn't, their relationship suffers

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Researchers find that the relationship between prairie vole couples suffers when the male has access to alcohol, but his female partner doesn't - similar to what has been observed in human couples. The researchers also found changes in a specific brain region in the male voles. The results could help researchers find strategies to overcome the negative effects of alcohol on human relationships.


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