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Billy Graham dies: 'America's Pastor,' adviser to presidents

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As a young man, Billy Graham practiced his sermons by preaching to the alligators and birds in the swamp.


Birds and primates share brain cell types linked to intelligence

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In a new study scientists show that some neurons in bird brains form the same kind of circuitry and have the same molecular signature as cells that enable connectivity between different areas of the mammalian neocortex. The researchers found that alligators share these cell types as well, suggesting that while mammal, bird and reptile brains have very different anatomical structures, they operate using the same shared set of brain cell types.

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2 Florida men accused of harassing gators, panthers

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Wildlife investigators have arrested two men who they say posted several videos that showed one of them handling federally protected Florida panther kittens and wrestling and harassing alligators.


Von Miller Goes Alligator Wrestling

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Here's Denver Broncos MVP Von Miller scaring the hell outta John Elway ... sitting on top of a living, breathing ALLIGATOR! Miller is in Orlando, Florida for the Pro Bowl and decided to use some of his free time to visit Gatorland --the...


WATCH: Alligators survive winter chill beneath the ice

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Video shows the large reptiles poking their noses through the ice in North Carolina.


Breathtaking video shows how alligators survive in a frozen North Carolina pond

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A breathtaking video from a North Carolina swamp park shows how alligators survive frigid temperatures by freezing in place.


This is how alligators survive in freezing waters

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Video from the Shallotte River Swamp Park in Ocean Isle Beach shows rescue alligators doing what they could to survive in icy waters.

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