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North Korea: General encourages army to learn from KOREAN WAR MISTAKES to prepare for Kim

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A US GENERAL has encouraged American troops to learn from mistakes in the Korean War to prepare for a possible conflict with North Korea leader Kim Jong-un, military officials have claimed.


VA hospital left scalpel in body of vet after surgery, lawsuit claims

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A Bridgeport, Conn. Army veteran says a VA hospital sewed him up after surgery four years ago with a scalpel still inside his body.

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World Briefs: US creating 'terror army': Erdogan

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January 16, 2018 5:00 AM
ISTANBUL • President Recep Tayyip Erdogan yesterday said the US was trying to create a "terror army"on Turkey's southern frontier by training a Syrian border force that includes a Kurdish militia, and pledged to crush it before it came into being.


Is Trump 'playing with fire' by backing Kurds in Syria?

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Turkey says it is threatened by a new US-trained army of 30,000 mainly Kurdish soldiers on its border.


Kashmir: Four Pakistani soldiers killed by Indian fire

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War of words heats up in disputed Kashmir region after Indian army chief threatens cross-border military operation.


Army Rips Out Chinese-Made Security Cameras Overlooking U.S. Base

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The U.S. Army said it removed surveillance cameras made by a Chinese state-backed manufacturer from a domestic military base, while a congressional committee plans to hold a hearing into whether small businesses face cybersecurity risks from using the equipment.

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North Korea SHOCK warning: Trump will CRUSH Kim's regime in MATTER of days

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DONALD TRUMP would destroy North Korea in a “matter of days” if it provoked a war on America, former US army officer Jack Keane has said.


Syrian rebel delegation in Washington seeking revival of CIA aid

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Free Syrian Army envoys have urged U.S. officials at talks in Washington to resume a suspended CIA program of military aid if it is serious about challenging growing Iranian influence in Syria, according to Syrian opposition figures.


Erdogan: US trying to form 'terror army' in Syria

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Turkey president pledges to 'drown terror army' before it is born, referring to Syria force US reportedly seeks to form.


North Korea: Kim Jong-un’s ‘ARMY OF BEAUTIES’ could boost Winter Olympic ticket sales

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NORTH Korea leader Kim Jong-un’s “army of beauties” could “boost Winter Olympic ticket sales” for the upcoming Pyeongchang games next month, its organising committee spokesman has declared in the hope of a “peaceful” event.


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