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WATCH: Dolphins swarm school of fish near Sydney

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Get up close and personal with a pod of dolphins feeding on a bait ball off Australia's coast.


WATCH: Kangaroos caught fighting on police camera

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The infrared camera was directed at the bushland of Victoria, Australia.


Australia grilled on human rights by UN

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Former prime minister Tony Abbott's attack on a 2015 report into children in immigration detention has been raised as Australia's human rights record is examined by the United Nations.


Flooding returns to southern Queensland, Australia

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This multi-day deluge has led to overflowing rivers near to and west of Bundaberg.

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Rebooting the Reef: The tech saving Australia's natural wonder video

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In this special report, CNET dives into the ways scientists and innovators are using technology to rescue the Great Barrier Reef.

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WATCH: Dolphins' feeding frenzy in Sydney

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Get up close and personal with a pod of dolphins feeding on a bait ball off Australia.


Ireland to meet Australia in three-Test series in 2018

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Ireland will tour Australia next year in the first ever three-Test series between the teams.


Australia risks humanitarian crisis over asylum, UNHCR says

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The UN's refugee agency says the nation "cannot walk away" from people it has held in detention.


Australia's Crown casino denies slot-machine 'tampering'

Added: 18.10.2017 3:23 | 2 views | 0 comments

Australia's parliament hears claims that Crown casino deliberately removed betting options.

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