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People with autism at greater risk of attempting suicide

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People who show characteristics of autism are more at risk of attempting suicide, according to a new study.

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Three deaths in Tampa neighborhood likely linked, cops say

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Police in Tampa, Fla. believe the killing of a 20-year-old autistic man Thursday night is linked to two other suspicious deaths in the same neighborhood.


Inflamed support cells appear to contribute to some kinds of autism

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Modeling the interplay between neurons and astrocytes derived from children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), researchers say innate inflammation in the latter appears to contribute to neuronal dysfunction in at least some forms of the disease.

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Uncle drowned 6-year-old nephew in bathtub, authorities say

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The uncle of a 6-year-old autistic boy drowned the child in a bathtub Monday, then dumped his body in a dumpster at the Seattle-area apartment complex, authorities said.

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Scientists pinpoint jealousy in the monogamous mind

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Scientists find that in male titi monkeys, jealousy is associated with heightened activity in the cingulate cortex, an area of the brain associated with social pain in humans, and the lateral septum, associated with pair bond formation in primates. A better understanding of jealousy may provide important clues on how to approach health and welfare problems such as addiction and domestic violence, as well as autism.

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The Good Doctor Tops The Big Bang Theory in Viewers As America Exchanges One Genius Man-child for Another

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Network TV has a new pale, awkward male savior: Freddie Highmore. ABC’s The Good Doctor, based on a Korean drama about a pediatric surgeon with autism and savant syndrome, has become a major hit in the ratings. In addition to racking up strong Nielsen numbers when it airs on Monday ...


Mom's devotion helps Arizona teen lose his autism diagnosis

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Mark Macluskie now has a full ride to study engineering and mathematics at Arizona State.

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