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Canadians now included in the Next PS4 System Software Update Beta

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Starting today, you can sign up for a chance to be a beta tester and get an advance look at some of the improvements and new features coming to PS4. And good news for Canadian folks beginning this beta, PS4 owners in Canada are also able to register for the beta testing. And with this beta, you can choose to be added to future betas automatically without having to register again. If you choose to do so, youll receive an exclusive PSN avatar.

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Microsoft is working on a new Xbox 'Career' system with levels and Avatar loot crates

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A few months ago Xbox platform chief Mike Ybarra teased that Microsoft was looking into ways to extend the Xbox achievement system beyond gamerscore, and this just might be it.


Virtual twin in ten minutes

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Avatars -- virtual persons: A new system makes it possible to practice and improve motion sequences by providing individualized feedback in real time. The system is embodied by a virtual person acting as a coach. In addition, users see themselves as avatars -- virtual copies of themselves in the mirror of the virtual room. The creation of such personalized avatars used to take several days, but researchers have now developed an accelerated process.

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Win AMD Prizes in Skyworlds Holiday 2017 Tournament

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Plus there are new Christmas player avatars and festive skirmish maps.


Silent Game Protagonists Shouldnt be Banished to Obscurity

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Historically speaking, silent characters have rarely worked. A voice is a powerful tool, perhaps the most powerful, when it comes to bringing a character to life. Without one, theres often little for a player to latch onto and use to define the character theyre seeing on screen. The problems grows even deeper when that character is the games protagonist. Now, silent avatars arent an issue. Their whole purpose is to serve as a bridge between the player and the game world. Its when they are treated as a character that the problem arises. When the game tells the player that theyre playing as an interesting person, then the player will naturally want to understand why that is. Unfortunately, most games with silent protagonists fail to provide that much-desired insight. As a result, the silent protagonist has largely fallen out of use in modern gaming. Its a shame because they still have so much storytelling potential. Bethesda demonstrated this through an obviously rage-filled Do...


What the Disney-Fox deal means for Marvel, 'Avatar,' and streaming

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Imagine finding Luke Skywalker, Captain America, the X-Men and the Na'vi of Pandora all housed in one streaming service. That's what a Disney streaming service could look like now that the company is buying up most of 21st Century Fox in a $52.4 billion deal.


'Flirty secretary' smart assistant taken offline in China

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The avatar, which could be made to flirt and dance, is offline after a suggestion it objectified women.

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The Importance of a Good Video Game Protagonist

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As the lead role in a video game, the hero represents the player avatar, and will be at the forefront of the experience. For this reason, it is imperative that the protagonist be compelling enough to keep us engaged. This piece looks at just how much hangs in the balance, and how the strength of the protagonist can have an overarching effect on our enjoyment of the game itself.


Bringing 'Avatar'-like glowing plants to the real world

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The 2009 film 'Avatar' created a lush imaginary world, illuminated by magical, glowing plants. Now researchers are starting to bring this spellbinding vision to life to help reduce our dependence on artificial lighting. They report a way to infuse plants with the luminescence of fireflies. 

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