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The worst budget-airline horror stories of 2018

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2017 was declared to be “the safest year in aviation history,” but it doesn’t mean air travel is without its pitfalls entirely — especially as of late.

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China cracks down on foreign companies calling Taiwan, other regions countries

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China's aviation authority on Friday demanded an apology from Delta Air Lines for listing Taiwan and Tibet as countries on its website, while another government agency took aim at Inditex-owned fashion brand Zara and medical device maker Medtronic Plc for similar issues.


CES 2018: Jetpack Aviation's chief has fear of heights

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The chief executive of a leading jetpack firm reveals how he copes with being scared of heights.

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Netanyahu: Israel Intel Has Prevented European Sept.11-Type Civil Aviation Attacks

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Speaking in Jerusalem to ambassadors of NATO countries Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israeli intelligence has thwarted mass terror attacks in Europe that “involve civil aviation,” The Jerusalem Post reported. The attacks, the report said, would involve Sept. 11-type attacks planned against European targets using hijacked aircraft. Netanyahu said the world is under the threat of radical Sunni groups, initially led by al-Qaeda. However, he added, Islamic State militants and radical Shi’ites led by Iran are credited with most of the attacks. “When we talk about ISIS, it's important to understand that Israel helps Europe in two fundamental ways,” Netanyahu explained....

Powers appointed chief financial officer at Etihad Aviation Group

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Etihad Aviation Group has today confirmed the appointment of Mark Powers as its new group chief financial officer. In his new role, Powers will be responsible for the finance function across the Abu Dhabi-based group’s five divisions, which comprise UAE national airline Etihad Airways, Etihad Airways Engineering, Etihad Airport Services, Hala Group and Airline Equity Partners.


Correction: FAA-Acting Administrator story

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A former Air Force and airline pilot will become the acting administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration.

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China's aviation routes in Taiwan Strait irresponsible and threatens security, says Taiwan

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Taiwan's government has called China's recent unilateral expansion of civil aviation routes in the Taiwan Strait an irresponsible act that threatens regional security, in the latest row between Beijing and the self-ruled island.


Malaysia OKs new search by private company for missing Flight 370

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Malaysia's government said Saturday that it has approved a new attempt by a private company to find the wreckage of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, nearly four years after its disappearance sparked one of aviation's biggest mysteries.
The Houston, Texas-based company dispatched a search...


Fact check: Trump and team make bogus boasts on air safety, vets, pollution

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It's been a week of bogus boasting by President Donald Trump and members of his administration as they took unearned credit for airline safety, pollution cleanup and major advances in care for veterans.
The president ignored fatality-free years in aviation during the Obama administration when he...


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