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Traces of poo bacteria in drinks at McDonald’s, KFC and Burger King, report says

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Contaminated ice was found at three major fast food restaurants.


In frogs, preventing early-life gut microbiome disruptions leads to better health

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Biologists have found that a crucial window in the development of tadpoles may influence a frog's ability to fight infectious diseases as an adult. The scientists showed that an early-life disruption of the gut and skin bacterial communities of tadpoles later affects the adult frogs' ability to fight off parasitic gut worms.

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Pause to read the traffic sign: Regulation of DNA transcription in bacteria

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The survival of the cell is -- apart from other important aspects -- a question of timing. Scientists have now identified the different parts of this mechanism and introduced a model of the process.


Potential role, benefits of non-rhizobia bacteria in root nodules of legume

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Most scientific research on the root-soil interactions of legumes focuses on rhizobia and nitrogen-fixing root nodules. However, many forms of non-rhizobia bacteria are also detected in these nodules. What are their role in the plant's biome? This research highlights studies from throughout the world on these lesser-known bacteria, as well as discusses their possible role in the bacterial community and the likely benefits for the host plant.

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New bacterial defense mechanism of the CRISPR-Cas system uncovered

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Researchers have found an unprecedented defense mechanism by which bacteria defend themselves against invading viruses. When the bacterial immune system gets overwhelmed, the CRISPR-Cas system produces a chemical signal that activates a second enzyme which helps in degrading the invaders' genetic material. This process is very similar to an antiviral mechanism of the human innate immune system.

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Antibiotic insight may help in battle against bacterial resistance

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Bacteria or 'superbugs' that have adapted to resist multiple antibiotics are responsible for around 700,000 deaths globally a year; new types of antibiotics are urgently needed.

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In baby's dirty diapers, the clues to baby's brain development

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Can the kinds of microbes colonizing the gut at age 1 predict later cognitive development? New findings shed light on the surprising role of bacteria in how our brains develop during the first years of life.

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