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UN: Rohingya in Bangladesh need 'massive' assistance

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UN says there are 'immense' challenges as Bangladesh needs assistance to feed and shelter the 436,000 Rohingya.


UN official: Global community must step up Rohingya aid

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COX'S BAZAR, Bangladesh (AP) — The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees says the exodus of Rohingya Muslims...

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Myanmar to Bangladesh: Tracing a family who fled their Rohingya home

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After witnessing a village burned in Myanmar, the BBC finds some former residents now in Bangladesh.


Rohingya children recall horror of losing parents

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About 1,400 Rohingya children have crossed the Myanmar border to Bangladesh unaccompanied by their parents.


Rohingya crisis: Bangladesh says influx of refugees has come to 'virtual halt'

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So far 4,30,000 have fled Myanmar in the past month


Hindus in Bangladesh are cutting their Durga Puja expenses to provide relief for Rohingyas

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Puja committees across Bangladesh saving up funds to provide relief.


India moves to block Rohingya influx

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India has stepped up security along its largely porous eastern border with Bangladesh and is using "chilli and stun grenades" to block the entry of Rohingya Muslims fleeing from violence in their homeland of Myanmar.


Bangladesh PM wants Rohingya safe zones in Myanmar

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In speech to UN, Sheikh Hasina presses Myanmar to allow the return of 'hungry, distressed and hopeless' refugees.


U.N. estimates $200 million needed for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh for six months

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The United Nations estimates that $200 million will be needed over the next six months to help Rohingya Muslims refugees who have fled to Bangladesh from Myanmar in "massive numbers" to escape a bloody military campaign.


Hours old and a refugee

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The Rohingya children born in Bangladeshi camps after their mothers fled the violence in Myanmar.


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