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Trump's press secretary outraged at Amazon Echo on Twitter

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Commentary: Sarah Sanders isn't happy that Amazon's smart speaker responds to her two-year-old's shouts of "Batman!"

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4th Episode of Telltale's Batman: The Enemy Within out January 23

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From GameWatcher: "The fourth and penultimate episode of Telltale's Batman: The Enemy Within, titled 'What Ails You', will be released on January 23 - two weeks from today. It'll see Bruce Wayne's cover being blown, and 'John Doe' taking a big step towards becoming the Joker. "

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Review Batman: The Enemy Within Episode 2: The Pact | Controller Crusade

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Josh from Controller Crusade writes: "After rebounding with an all-around solid first entry to its second season, Telltale Games looks to keep up the momentum with their second episode of Batman: The Enemy Within, titled the The Pact. The Pact continued to provide a strong technical performance, while introducing a slew of new villains which has a varying degree of success."


PSA: You Need To Purchase Batman Again On EU PS Store To Get It Free For PS Plus

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Batman The TellTale Series is available as a free game starting this month for PS Plus users, but for some reason, the initial listing for the game appears to have been replaced with a different one making the case for purchasing the new listed entry again.

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Batman's Gotham City provides test case for community resilience model

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If a community is resilient, it can withstand and recover from an unanticipated disaster, like an earthquake, fire or flood. But since every disaster and every community is unique, a uniform measure for defining 'resilience' has been hard to come by for engineers and social scientists. A new study offers an innovative approach to defining resilience that could help communities better prepare for hazards.

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Remember "Dirty Harry"? The Dow was at 1,000 points then

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What do "Batman Forever," Cher's song "Believe" and the death of Mary Tyler Moore have in common?

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Batman: The Enemy Within Episode Three Fractured Mask Review | TheXboxHub

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James writes - "The tales of Batman, and more prevalently those of his alter ego, the millionaire Bruce Wayne, have been brought to life by Telltale Games to great success so far in Batman: The Enemy Within the second season of his escapades. Arriving at the mid-point of the series, episode three Fractured Mask comes tasked with keeping up the relentless pace of previous goings on and must deliver another enthralling chapter of the story. Can it be done?"

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Christian Bale Can’t Bring Himself to Watch Dark Knight Rises Because of the Aurora Shooting

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Nearly six years after the tragic movie theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado, Christian Bale can’t bring himself to watch The Dark Knight Rises. Fanfare around the final Christopher Nolan Batman installment became somber when a gunman opened fire during a midnight screening of the film. “Very sadly, I have not ...


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