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'Gunman on loose' in Brussels - armed police rush to incident in Belgian capital

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BRUSSELS terror police have rushed to the Forest region of the city after reports of a gunman on the loose. Officers have put the area on lockdown and told residents to remain in their homes.


[Ticker] Juncker 'worried' by Italian elections

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European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker said Thursday the EU should be prepared for the "worst scenario" of having no "operational government" in Italy after the 4 March elections. He told a Brussels audience that he was "more worried" by the Italian vote than by the German Social Democrats vote on the coalition agreement, with results the same day. He warned of "a strong reaction of financial markets," according to AFP.

Belgian police seal off part of Brussels amid fears of gunman at large

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Belgian police sealed off a street in southern Brussels amid reports of a gunman at large.

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Italian election threatens future of EU as ‘bitter’ citizens feel ‘abandoned’ by Brussels

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THE Italian election could make or break the future of the European Union at a time when public opinion for the bloc is at an all time low in Italy, a shock report has claimed. Italians feel “abandoned” by Brussels as the country takes the brunt of the migrant crisis, while facing economic disaster and representation chaos.


EU tackles its post-Brexit needs

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February 22, 2018 4:39 PM
LONDON - European Union leaders are gathering in Brussels tomorrow (Feb 23) to begin tackling their continent's most contentious challenges: how much each country should pay into the Union's common budget after Britain leaves the EU next year, and how the Union's institutions will be organised for the remaining 27 member states.


EU IN LIMBO: Merkel warns Brexit blackhole will not be fixed until May 2019

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ANGELA Merkel has warned the financial hole blown in the EU’s finances by Brexit cannot be fixed until next May, in a blow to Brussels chiefs who are desperately trying to find way to plug the gap and end the budget limbo.


'Protect jobs, not Brussels' French car industry WARN Macron over Brexit DISASTER

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A KEY lobbyist for the French car industry has warned Macron not to risk crippling his own economy for the sake of the European project, amid growing fears that a no deal Brexit would trigger a "market disaster" for France.


EU is PUSHING Balkan states to choose between West and Russia fumes Kremlin minister

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RUSSIAN Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has hit out at the European Uunion, accusing the bloc of pushing Balkan states to choose between the West and Russia as he warned Brussels would only increase tensions in Europe.


UK seeks flexible transition length after Brexit

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Britain wants to negotiate with Brussels the end date of the Brexit transition period - without saying what their preferred end date would be. The UK's position paper disagrees with the EU on other key points too.

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[Ticker] Belgian PM to host 11 EU leaders ahead of summit

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Belgian prime minister Charles Michel will host the heads of 11 EU member state governments at a royal castle outside the outskirts of Brussels ahead of Friday's informal summit of the EU-27, it was announced Wednesday. Michel will host discussions with Bulgaria, Germany, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, and Spain. Thursday's talks, at Chateau de Val Duchesse, are likely to focus on the 2020-2027 EU budget.

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