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Erdogan Says Turkey Will Not Be Submissive To The West, Germany

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made some controversial comments that could increase tensions during a diplomatic row with Germany as top European Union officials held discussions with Turkey's foreign minister in Brussels, according to Al Jazeera. Erdogan said the era of a submissive Turkey bowing to the demands from the West was over, "The West wants Turkey to do, without question, whatever they want ... I am sorry to say that Turkey no longer exists," Erdogan said. Turkey has been fighting with Germany for several months but was escalated after the arrests of human rights activists from Amnesty International, including a German national, on terror-related charges. Earlier this year...

7 Top Teams Shortlisted in Competition to Design Centre Pompidou Brussels

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The Urban Development Corporation (SAU-MSI) has announced the seven shortlisted teams competing for the design of the latest outpost in , . The finalist teams were selected from 92 entries to the competition, which sought proposals to transform the existing Art Deco Citroën Yser garage in the heart of the city into a mixed-use museum complex focusing on contemporary art and architecture.

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DIARY-Political and General News Events from July 25

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BRUSSELS - EU Foreign Policy Chief Federica Mogherini meets Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu.


President Erdogan ramps up rhetoric ahead of Turkey-EU talks

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BRUSSELS (AP) — Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan ramped up his anti-Western rhetoric Tuesday ahead of a meeting between his foreign minister and top European Union officials, saying the era of a submissive Turkey bowing to every Western demand is over. Turkey has been mired in an escalating diplomatic row with EU powerhouse Germany following [...]


'EU are WEAK' Polish politician DECRIES Brussels' failed interference in Poland's courts

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THE European Union was branded “weak” after the Brussels bloc’s failed intervention in the Polish government’s attempt to take complete control over its Supreme Court.


House of Alain Hubert / SAMYN and PARTNERS

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The Avenue Bel Horizon, typical of a number of residential districts located in the surroundings of Brussels, is bordered by houses, some isolated, some in small groups, arranged in narrow and deep plots. The one that interests us is no exception to the rule: 20 m wide along the road (to the North) and 73 m deep, with a building area limited to 11 m in width and 15 m in depth, 6 m away from the road.

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Poland in CRISIS: President says he will VETO judiciary law after EU threats

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PLANS to overhaul Poland’s supreme court have been thrown into chaos after the country’s president announced he will veto judicial reforms amid threats from Brussels and nationwide protests.


Brussels takes on MERKEL: EU collusion probe could seriously damage German car industry

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RELATIONS between Brussels and Berlin could be set to plummet after EU officials confirmed they were investigating alleged market abuse by Germany’s top carmakers.


EU REBELLION: Hungary backs Poland to REJECT Brussels interference in internal policy

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DIVISIONS in the European Union have deepened as Hungary backed Poland’s attempts to extend government control over its courts despite resistance in Brussels.


EXCLUSIVE-Germany wants more EU sanctions on Russia over Siemens Crimea turbines -sources

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Germany is urging the European Union to add up to four more Russian nationals and companies to the bloc's sanctions blacklist over Siemens gas turbines delivered to Moscow-annexed Crimea, two sources in Brussels said.


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