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COLUMN-Commentary: The elephant in the room at the NAFTA talks

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The first round of long-awaited talks on modernizing NAFTA finished Sunday, with Canada, Mexico and the United States issuing a statement that they had made "detailed conceptual presentations" of their positions.


Hill 70

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A new monument will commemorate the first time a Canadian commander led Canadian troops in WW1.

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U.S. softwood duties on Canada see German imports grow dramatically

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U.S. imports of softwood from Germany have grown tenfold in the first half of the year as punishing duties pushed imports of Canadian softwood down.


Canada seeks to 'aggressively' dispel asylum system myths

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Over 7,000 migrants have crossed illegally into the country since January in order to claim asylum.

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Anti-immigrant protests in Canada shaped by more than just U.S. events: experts

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Professor Dan Horner in Toronto says protests involving far-right groups aren't new in Canada.


Canada's conservative Rebel Media site down after service cut

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Rebel Media founder Ezra Levant said he was given 24 hours' notice and no explanation for the action.


Haitian-born Liberal MP off to Miami over asylum seekers coming to Canada

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Emmanuel Dubourg was appointed to a federal-provincial task force after thousands of people — mostly Haitians — crossed into Quebec since July.


Need more total solar eclipse in your life? The next one’s in 7 years

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The next total solar eclipse that'll pass over North America - with lots of spots in Canada to watch - will occur in April 2024.

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Solar eclipse 2017: Live coverage as the solar eclipse crosses North America

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Millions of people across Canada will be treated to a partial solar eclipse while a total solar eclipse will transverse parts of the U.S. for the first time in nearly 100 years.

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WATCH: Lost engagement ring turns up in family's garden after 13 years

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A Canadian woman who lost her engagement ring 13 years ago while weeding her garden on the family farm is wearing it proudly again after her daughter-in-law pulled it from the ground on a misshapen carrot.

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