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Cancer drugs could help Nikki's blood vessel disorder

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Scientists uncover faulty genes behind a rare blood vessel disorder and say cancer drugs could treat it.


Heartbroken Mother Uses Dead Son’s Preserved Semen To Welcome Twins, ‘Reincarnate’ Child She Lost To Cancer

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A heartbroken mother used her dead son’s sperm to “reincarnate” the child she lost to brain cancer. According to Cafe Mom on Friday, a nearly 50-year-old grieving mother from India decided to take advantage of her in order to “get her boy back.” Just over a week ago, the grieving Indian mom became the proud “grandmother” to newborn twins created from her deceased son’s saved semen.
Rajashree Patil, 49, made the news on Monday, February 12, after welcoming newborn twins — one boy and one girl. The birth of the twins drew attention worldwide because Patil actually used her dead son’s semen, along with a donated egg and a willing surrogate, in order to get her son back. According to the Daily Mail on Thursday, Patil plans to raise the twins and wants to avoid being called grandma.


Can Bristol-Myers Squibb Squeeze $3.6 Billion From Its Nektar Therapeutics Deal?

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Bristol-Myers will pay through the nose for a minority stake in a cancer drug in its early clinical stage. Here's why it could be worth the risk.

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Justin Theroux Cancels Late Show Appearance After Jennifer Aniston Split

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Justin Theroux has backed out of his guest appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert following the announcement of his separation from Jennifer Aniston. The 46-year-old actor was...


Breaking Up With the Boyfriend Who Got Me Through Cancer

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Besides my immediate family, he’s the only person who’s seen the worst of me and loved me anyway.

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Ovarian cancer: Persistent tummy bloating can be sign, charity warns

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Only a third of women would see a doctor despite it being a major symptom, a survey suggests.


Some viruses produce insulin-like hormones that can stimulate human cells -- and have potential to cause disease

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Scientists have identified four viruses that can produce insulin-like hormones that are active on human cells. The discovery brings new possibilities for revealing biological mechanisms that may cause diabetes or cancer.

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Novel mechanism linking changes in mitochondria to cancer cell death

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Researchers have discovered that the activation of a specific enzyme may help suppress the spread of tumors.

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