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FDA approves quicker-to-administer drug for blood cancers

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U.S. regulators have approved a more convenient version of a blockbuster drug for treating three common blood cancers.

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Student graduates in dying mom's hospital room

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Samantha Parrotte always wanted her mom Patricia to see her graduate high school. But Patricia was dying of cancer, so Samantha held a private ceremony, with school officials, at her mother's hospital bedside. (June 22)


Scientists uncover potential mechanism for HPV-induced skin cancer

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Scientists have identified a molecular pathway by which some types of human papilloma virus (HPV) might increase the risk of skin cancer, particularly in people with the rare genetic disorder...


Harry Styles Mourns Stepfather's Death and Gets Support From One Direction Pals

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Harry Styles and his family are mourning the death of his stepfather Robin Twist, who recently lost his battle with cancer at age 57. Styles' band mates from One Direction, which is...


Similarities between next-generation prostate cancer drugs discovered

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For the first time, researchers have shown how a class of advanced prostate cancer drugs are processed in the body and how their anti-tumor activity might change depending on how they are metabolized. Their pre-clinical findings may lay the foundation for improving therapies for treatment-resistant, aggressive prostate cancer.

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Better use of current drugs to target cancer

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Researchers worked backwards, employing a series of drugs used in the clinic to understand a new way that cancer stem cells can be killed.

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Pioneering proton beam therapy for 10-year-old girl

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Amelia Brome from Lancashire was diagnosed with cancer in January 2017.


Secondhand smoke exposure among nonsmoking adult cancer survivors has declined

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From 1999/2000 to 2011/2012, exposure to secondhand smoke among nonsmoking adult cancer survivors declined from 39.6 percent to 15.7 percent, but rates of exposure were higher among those with a history of a smoking-related cancer and those living below the federal poverty level compared with those with other types of cancer and those with the highest incomes, respectively.

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First-line immunotherapy treatment can improve survival for subset of lung cancer patients

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Findings from a phase III clinical trial for advanced lung cancer patients could help oncologists better predict which patients are likely to receive the most benefit from immunotherapy as a first-line treatment based on the unique molecular characteristics of their tumor, according to a new study.

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