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Kim Kardashian's Christmas Stocks from Kanye Have Already Netted Her a Fortune

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Kim Kardashian's Christmas gift from Kanye West isn't going to stop the chorus from grousing she keeps getting richer for doing nothing, because in this case ... it's absolutely true. As we reported, Ye hooked up his wife for Xmas with $100k of...


Ski Ace Ted Ligety Bows Out of Olympics. Will It Be for Good?

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Although he changed the sport, he finished 15th in the giant slalom on Sunday, well behind the gold medal winner, Marcel Hirscher of Austria.

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Hero Florida teacher gave fiancée instructions if he died in a shooting

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The Long Island native who died saving students in Florida last week gave his fiancée specific instructions about his funeral — should he ever die in a school shooting, the weeping woman said Sunday.


Studying mitosis' structure to understand the inside of cancer cells

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Cell division is an intricately choreographed ballet of proteins and molecules that divide the cell. During mitosis, microtubule-organizing centers assemble the spindle fibers that separate the copying chromosomes of DNA. While scientists are familiar with MTOCs' existence and the role they play in cell division, their actual physical structure remains poorly understood. Researchers are now trying to decipher their molecular architecture.

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Ras protein's role in spreading cancer

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Protein systems make up the complex signaling pathways that control whether a cell divides or, in some cases, metastasizes. Ras proteins have long been the focus of cancer research because of their role as 'on/off switch' signaling pathways that control cell division and failure to die like healthy cells do. Now, a team of researchers has been able to study precisely how Ras proteins interact with cell membrane surfaces.

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The Latest: Contrasting games doubles for Hirscher, Fourcade

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Marcel Hirscher picked up his second Alpine gold medal of the Pyeongchang Winter Games by the largest margin of victory in 50 years in the Olympic giant slalom. Martin Fourcade's win in the biathlon was decidedly narrow.

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance mods improve lockpicking, make merchants richer, remove Fog of War

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DSOGaming writes: "Kingdom Come: Deliverance has just been released on the PC and the first mods for it have surfaced. A few days ago we informed you about its first mod that enabled unlimited saves and today we are bringing you mods that make lockpicking easier, make merchants richer, make arrows faster and more realistic and remove Fog of War."

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Giant Slalom: Marcel Hirscher Easily Wins 2nd Olympic Gold Medal

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Marcel Hirscher of Austria solidified his claim to being the world’s best skier, easily picking up his second gold medal of the Games in the men’s giant slalom.

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