Tuesday, 25 April 2017
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Does Microsoft have what it takes to take on the Chromebook and the iPad?

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Microsoft is expected to unveil Windows 10 Cloud next month, and leaked specs suggest that it is being positioned as a competitor to Google's Chromebook platform. And what about the iPad?

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Lenovo adds $279 Flex 11 to its Chromebook laptop lineup

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The 2-in-1 device features a 11.6-inch touchscreen with 360-degree hinge, rugged design, and support for Android apps from the Google Play Store.

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Leaked document spills the details of Microsoft’s Chromebook alternative

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Chromebooks are very quietly taking the computer world by storm. First, they came for the classrooms, using absurdly low per-device prices and Google's free Office alternative to get into schools. More recently, a series of sub-$500 Chromebooks have come out that use absurd battery life and good-enough performance to get .
So it makes sense that Microsoft has a plan to get in on the action with Windows 10 Cloud, a light version of its desktop OS. According to a leaked document the Cloudbooks (as we're lovingly calling them) will have specs right on par with most Chromebooks.

shows the minimum specs Microsoft is recommending for manufacturers that are making Windows 10 Cloud-compatible laptops. The specs aren't exactly groundbreaking: Intel Celeron quad-core processor, 4GB of RAM, 32GB of fast flash storage, optional touch capability, and a big battery. That's nearly identical to every Chromebook on the market right now: just enough processing power to handle web browsing and documents, enough storage to have a few documents and movies saved offline, and an all-day battery.
The real-world performance Microsoft is targeting is also right up there with Chrome OS. There's a focus on boot-up time and login time, with the Windows devices scoring the same or a little slower than Chromebooks.
The biggest question left is price. Assuming Microsoft doesn't charge much (or anything) for Windows 10 Cloud and some kind of Office subscription, the Windows devices should be exactly the same as Chromebooks. That means a starting price of around $200, topping out at $500 for the more powerful devices.

Of course Microsoft is working on its own version of the Chromebook

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Windows Central has gotten its hands on an internal document highlighting the hardware performance of Windows 10 Cloud, a rumored operating system spinoff expected to be unveiled at next month's big education event in New York. Predictably, the slide puts the OS head to head with Google Chromebooks. The category is a no-brainer for Microsoft as the company struggles to gain a foothold in...

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Leaked Microsoft document confirms Windows 10 Cloud and a Chromebook competitor

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A Microsoft document detailing the minimum hardware specs for Microsoft Windows 10 Cloud-powered laptops seems to be the best evidence yet that Microsoft plans to launch a Chromebook competitor on May 2.
Windows Central a “recommended minimum spec” document, presumably handed out to Microsoft’s partners. The document outlines what Microsoft hopes to achieve with what the document calls an “Edu Cloud device” (and industry watchers have dubbed "Cloudbooks"): all-day battery life, a quick boot and resume cycle, and at least a quad-core Intel Celeron processor powering it all. It’s also titled “Windows 10 Cloud Performance Targets,” confirming the name of the new OS.

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Windows 10 CloudBooks: Here's how they may stack up against Chromebooks

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Minimum specs for devices running Windows 10 Cloud that are meant to compete with Chromebooks in the education market have leaked.

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Lenovo's Flex 11 joins the ranks of Android app-loving Chromebooks

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Lenovo's Flex 11 Chromebook is one of the new generation of Chromebooks hitting the market this year. Announced Wednesday with a starting price of $279 and due to ship sometime in April, it also boasts a 360-degree hinge and extra-sturdy construction.
The Flex 11's ability to change from clamshell to tablet and any position in between is even more appealing now that Android apps will be part of the Chromebook's bag of tricks. Chrome isn't really designed for tablets, but Android is. At the same time, Android may sometimes be easier to deal with using a real keyboard. The Flex 11 lets you have it your way. 

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​Samsung's Galaxy S8 does DeX: Is it a Chromebook challenger or virtual desktop play?

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As Samsung's DeX and the Galaxy S8 stands today there's a role for the device as a Chromebook alternative. It remains to be seen if it's a virtual desktop infrastructure option.

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Lenovo ThinkPad 11e 20GF0001US 11.6″ Chromebook, Intel Celeron N3150, 4GB RAM, 16GB eMMC - $139.99

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Staples offers Lenovo ThinkPad 11e 20GF0001US 11.6" Chromebook, Intel Celeron N3150, 4GB RAM, 16GB eMMC for $139.99. ...

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