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Which of Hugh Grant’s Paddington 2 Disguises Is Most Delightful?

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Oftentimes, actors seem to appear in kids’-only movies under great duress. But the casts of the Paddington films, all stellar British thespians, elevate the genre of earnest, goofy performance to a new level of art. Ben Whishaw, who replaced Colin Firth at the last minute before the first movie, delivers ...


How Nicole Kidman, Sam Rockwell, and Ewan McGregor Got Their Award-Winning Accents

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Like any good and dedicated teacher, Liz Himelstein keeps detailed notes of her pupils’ strengths and particular challenges. In Himelstein’s notebooks, however, the pages log the progress of students like Nicole Kidman, Gary Oldman, Naomi Watts, Emma Watson, Colin Firth, and Oprah.For nearly three decades, Himelstein has worked as a ...

Colin Firth speaks out over Harvey Weinstein allegation

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Actor Colin Firth has spoken out about Harvey Weinstein. His fellow actress Sophie Dix gave...


'To my shame, I merely expressed sympathy': Colin Firth regrets silence after actress told him of 'distressing encounter' with Harvey Weinstein

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Colin Firth said he is ashamed not to have spoken out when a British actress told him about a "distressing encounter" with disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein.

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UK actress says Weinstein assaulted her

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A British actress who starred alongside Colin Firth in a film in the early 1990s has accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault and says the incident "massively cut short" her career.


Firth, Wintour celebrate green fashion

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Stars including Colin Firth and wife Livia, Andrew Garfield and Anna Wintour attend the Green Carpet Fashion Awards in Milan. (Sept. 25)


Mr Darcy’s turned Italian! Colin Firth gets dual citizenship after Brexit vote

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FOR MORE than two decades he has epitomised the quintessential qualities of the English gentleman – well mannered, dashing and debonair.


Colin Firth gets dual Italian citizenship after branding Brexit 'disaster of unexpected proportions'

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British actor Colin Firth has been granted Italian citizenship after speaking out against Brexit.

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Colin Firth takes Italian citizenship after Brexit decision

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LONDON (AP) — British actor Colin Firth says he has taken Italian citizenship as a “sensible” move amid global political uncertainty. Firth, who is married to environmentalist Livia Giuggioli, says he has become a dual U.K.-Italian citizen, and his wife is applying for British nationality. Their two sons already have dual citizenship. In a statement [...]


Colin Firth made an Italian citizen after branding Brexit 'disaster of unexpected proportions'

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Colin Firth, known for playing the quintessential Englishman in films and series including the BBC's Pride and Prejudice, has been granted Italian citizenship.

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