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Ramaphosa, Dlamini-Zuma in tight race to lead South Africa's ruling ANC

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The African National Congress (ANC), South Africa's only ruler since the end of apartheid, votes this weekend in a race too close to call to replace Jacob Zuma as party leader with the winner also likely to become the next president.


Peru's Congress prepares to oust President Kuczynski

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President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski's chances of surviving the political crisis gripping Peru faded on Friday after Congress passed a motion to start "presidential vacancy" procedures with enough votes to unseat him within a week.


Rahul Gandhi takes over India’s opposition

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Rahul Gandhi, the scion of India's most famous political dynasty, has taken over as president of the main opposition Congress while facing a stiff challenge from Prime Minister Narendra Modi's ruling Hindu nationalists.


ANC to vote on new leader in South Africa

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Delegates from the African National Congress have gathered in Johannesburg as the party prepares to vote for its next leader.


Female Kansas congressional candidate drops out over sexual harassment claim by male subordinate

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Given the months-long stream of allegations of sexual harassment by powerful people, the big political news in Kansas on Friday sounded numbingly familiar: A prominent Democratic congressional candidate quit the 2018 race after journalists unearthed a former subordinate’s claim of sexual harassment....


Congressional candidate Andrea Ramsey leaves race after sexual harassment allegations

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December 16, 2017 1:05 PM
NEW YORK (NYTIMES) - A woman running to flip a Kansas congressional seat from red to blue next year is ending her campaign after allegations surfaced that she had sexually harassed, and then fired, a former subordinate.


Nevada Congressman Ruben Kihuen faces sexual harassment probe

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The US House Ethics Committee has announced it had opened an investigation into a Democratic representative accused of sexually harassing two women, while a female congressional candidate who was accused of harassment dropped out of a race.


Female congressional candidate leaves race after sexual harassment allegations resurface

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Andrea Ramsey was hoping to turn a Kansas district from red to blue. But decade-old allegations complicated her candidacy.

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Brady: New tax code for new era of prosperity

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Rep. Kevin Brady spoke Friday about the passing of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The legislation would slash tax rates for big business and lower levies in each tax bracket. The GOP plans to muscle the $1.5 trillion through Congress next week. (Dec. 15)


Female House candidate ends campaign after sexual harassment accusations

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Andrea Ramsey, a candidate for a Kansas congressional seat, ended her campaign after past allegations of sexual harassment against her resurfaced.

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