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Chris Evans and Jenny Slate Spark Reconciliation Rumors After Exchanging Flirty Twitter Messages

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Forget about love notes; pass along a love tweet! While Chris Evans and Jenny Slate may have called it quits on their romantic relationship back in February, the former couple has some...


Dancing With the Stars' Movie Night Doesn't Give One of Its Couples a Hollywood Happy Ending

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Lights,'s A Night at the Movies night! Dancing With the Stars took inspiration from the big screen for its show on Monday night, with the remaining couples performing...


Plot C - Auto Innovation Park / Atelier Z+

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Design Strategies
Facing adaptability requirements of emerging industry space and high-density development model determined by the plan, as well as the context of the regional spatial cultural heritage on the non-characteristic sites, we hope to create a positive office environment with a spatial sense of belonging and cultural identity. Our basic strategy is to introduce a different R&D space combination model and be coupled with a multi-level three-dimensional courtyard organization to create a unique semi-public space for every entity settled in the block and then to promote exchange and sharing for future use in a variety of ways. Getting inspiration from the traditional garden culture of virtual-real complementation and varying sceneries with changing view-points, we regard the courtyard as the core organization space to improve the spatial flexibility and enthusiasm, and to create the landscape charm of garden culture on Yangtze Delta in such high density place, providing the industrial innovation space with spirit of regional culture. The three kinds of blocks with spatial prototyping are the "Wrinkled Peaks and Hidden Attics" for small R&D units, the "Elevated Courtyards" and the "Enclosure Courtyards with Duplex Units” for medium R&D units.

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton Are "Excited" to Have a Little Girl

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton have a baby girl on the way! The couple confirmed they're expecting a second child together on the red carpet at the 2017 Emmys in September. A...


French couple reported to police after they tried naming their son Jihad

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The Muslim parents tried to register their newborn as Jihad at their town hall near Toulouse in August


In Conversation: Miles Teller

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“Is that a Frenchie?” Miles Teller asks a nearby couple. We — Teller, the couple, and their French bulldog — are sitting in the lobby of Manhattan’s chic Bowery Hotel. He kneels down to scratch the dog’s chest and says, “Was he hard to potty-train? Ours was.” The actor — ...


The smaller details of Switch's new 4.0.0 firmware update

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Switch owners have uncovered a couple of things not mentioned in Nintendo's update notes for version 4.0.0.

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15 Controversial Couples DC Should Have Stopped From Happening

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15 Controversial Couples DC Should Have Stopped From Happening
CBR looks at 15 DC relationships across all media that the company maybe should have never let past the censors!

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Chaos;Child Review | JPS

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"Steins;Gate was a break out hit for a couple reasons. The unusual premise and direction made it a compelling experience, which worked well with the heavy themes. Even though this title found success, the other titles largely remain Japan exclusives. By taking a chance on Chaos;Child, players can finally see what the other stories have to offer. With dark themes, exciting twists and a mystery to solve, is Chaos;Child a must for fans or was Steins;Gate an outlier?" - JPS


Spelunker Party! Review | JPS

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"Fortnite has all the makings of a great game. There is a lot to do, fun to play with others, plenty of unique weapons and always something to grind for, except for a couple of things. Ignoring fundamental problems, like Ninjas and melee being irrelevant in mid-game and later, its held back by aggressive microtransactions. The same is somewhat true for the lesser known title, Spelunker Z. Thankfully, for the Switch and PC version, Square Enix/Tozai decided to drop the free-to-play aspects and sell it as a full fledge game called Spelunker Party! With brutal platforming, RPG mechanics, less aggressive RNG and tweaks, is it the game Spelunker Z shouldve been or is it just a slightly better version of a bad game?" - JPS

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