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6 Delightful Moments From Paul Thomas Anderson’s Twitter Q&A

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Paul Thomas Anderson is online. The Phantom Thread director did a Twitter Q&A Wednesday afternoon to promote his new, dark romance. Anderson has admitted that he doesn’t love press obligations, but it’s the burden he has to bear. In December, he told GQ that he has a crazy habit of ...

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Exposure to water that is both salty and fresh is key to future success

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According to Charles Darwin the ability to adapt to new conditions is essential for survival of species. The capacity to cope with altered conditions is becoming increasingly important in the face of climate change. New evidence on salt water tolerance in spawning migrating pike from the Baltic Sea suggests that not being adapted to specific local environments may promote persistence in an uncertain, rapidly changing world.

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Hinterland Director on Abuse, Leaving Long Dark Subreddit

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Raphael van Lierop, Director for Hinterland Games, recently discussed his teams decision to leave /r/thelongdark back in May of 2017, expressing the need for developers to stand up to abuse from community members.

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2019 Toyota Avalon bails on bland, doubles-down on daring design - Roadshow

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Toyota's flagship sedan makes waves in the Motor City with high-level tech and a bold new design both inside and out.

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Where Eagles Dare House / GRAS arquitectos

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WHERE EAGLES DARE a house in connection to the sky. A nest in the mountain. Ethereal architecture for a new time thanks to technology. An opportunity for new materials and construction systems. The house wants to fly and leave the hill, cutting out its natural connection to the ground.


Rod Stewart Reacts to Cranberries Singer Dolores O'Riordan's Death

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Rod Stewart's reaction to Dolores O'Riordan's death might not be the most sensitive, but it's definitely real ... and kinda dark. Rod was leaving Il Piccolino Monday night in WeHo when we asked the British rocker if he knew The Cranberries singer...


Searching for the Dark: The Hunt for Axions

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The Axion Dark Matter Experiment just entered the most sensitive phase yet in its search for invisible particles to explain the universe's hidden mass


Theater Review: Dark Flights of Fancy in Ballyturk’s Small Town

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It’s scarier when Godot does show up.Enda Walsh, the Irish playwright and director whose claustrophobic, purgatorial worlds and fascination with the disintegration of language have long marked him as a direct descendent of his countryman Samuel Beckett, has returned to St. Ann’s Warehouse. Last year the theater presented his play ...


The Surge: A Walk in the Park - XB1 Review | Chalgyr's Game Room

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Chalgyr's Game Room writes: A Walk in the Park is 2017's underrated sci-fi action RPG hit The Surge's DLC, adding an entire new amusement park area called CREO World. Unfortunately what is supposed to be a fun-filled amusement park, CREO World has fallen into a bit of disrepair. Not spared from the disaster, rescue teams were sent to recover any who were capable of being saved, but those very rescue teams have fallen to the dark side, have gone insane and now patrol the area looking to batter anything they find into dust. Enter CREO World at your own peril, and though it is juvenile in looks and spirit, it is brutally frustrating at times. At times welcome if immature challenge, at others an exercise in patience.

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