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Brigsby Bear Is a Strange Parable of Pop-Culture Obsession That’s Realer Than You’d Think

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As frequently as we’ve recently seen onscreen kidnappers holding their captives in bunkers hidden from the outside world (seriously, so many times, let’s hope it’s a vast overrepresentation of reality) few stories have dealt with the fact that some people take to basements better than others. Sure, a basement is ...

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Pictured: aspiring make-up artist Celine Dookhran, 19, who died in suspected honour killing

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This is the first picture of a teenager allegedly kidnapped, raped, and murdered before her body was stuffed into a fridge-freezer in a suspected honour killing.


Shoreditch's Adnaz Hotel gets a multi-million-pound 'East London' makeover

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Each room reflects the history and diversity of the East End

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Swiss House XXII Preonzo / Davide Macullo Architects

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This building is a small construction that takes on a universal meaning; creating a relationship between the DNA of a place and its future and represents a contemporary interpretation of the historical values of a place.

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Texas man ordered to pay $65K in child support for kid that’s not even his

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A Houston court ordered Gabriel Cornejo to pay child support even after a DNA test revealed he is not the biological father of the child his ex-girlfriend had 16 years ago.

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Two men in court over 'honour' killing of teen as victim is named as Celine Dookhran

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A teenager who was allegedly kidnapped, raped, and murdered before her body was put into a fridge-freezer in a suspected "honour" killing was named today as Celine Dookhran.


Finland draws on national heritage for new ad campaign

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To honour the 100th anniversary of the country’s independence from Russia, Visit Finland has launched an exciting new campaign: The Symphony of Extremes - Born from Finnish DNA.

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Months after 'the mother of all bombs' was dropped, the fight against ISIS rages on in Afghanistan

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A recurring rumble of explosions echoes off the barren, boulder-strewn slopes of the Spin Ghar mountains, each ordnance aimed wishfully at redoubts where Islamic State militants are suspected of hiding. Afghan and U.S. special forces listen in on enemy chatter, intercepting dozens of their radio...


Man charged with murder, rape and kidnap after 'honour killing' in south London suburb

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A man has been charged with murder, rape and kidnap after a teenage girl's body was allegedly found in a fridge in a suspected honour killing in south-west London.


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