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Signal No. 1 up over Batanes as LPA now a tropical depression

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The low pressure area (LPA) east of Basco, Batanes, has developed into a tropical depression and has been named “Isang,” the state weather bureau reported on Sunday.


How Demi Lovato removes 'stressors' from her life

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Getting physical is one of the ways Demi Lovato was able to overcome depression. The Sorry...


Natural Ways To Increase Your “Feel Good” Hormones

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The hormones and neurotransmitters are responsible for the regulation of our feelings, whether they are of depression, anger, grief or well-being, peace, and joy. Neurotransmitters, also called chemical messengers, are brain chemicals that enable neurotransmission. They relay signals between the nerve cells or neurons. They interact with receptors located in the brain and the body […]


Botched Recap: Chanel Is Excited to Show Off Her "New Titties" After Surgery With Dr. Terry Dubrow

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Chanel's boobs are coming out and she wants the world to know! After 10 years of depression and weight gain, the Botched patient was eager to party on Thursday night's episode...


Depression overshadows the past as well as the present

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Depressed people have a peculiar view of the past: rather than glorifying the 'good old days,' they project their generally bleak outlook on to past events, according to new research.

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Adult brains produce new cells in previously undiscovered area

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A discovery may lead to new treatments for anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Scientists have discovered that new brain cells are produced in the adult amygdala, a region of the brain important for processing emotional memories. Disrupted connections in the amygdala, an ancient part of the brain, are linked to anxiety disorders such as PTSD. The research marked a major shift in understanding the brain's ability to adapt and regenerate.

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Will ketamine treat your depression? Check your activity monitor

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During a depressive episode, people often report having reduced energy, feeling slowed down and having reduced interest in activities. As their mood lifts, energy and activity return to their usual levels. A new study altered measures of daily activity in patients whose depressive symptoms improved in response to the fast-acting antidepressant ketamine.

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Uptick in Atlantic tropical systems may continue as new feature bears watching

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In the wake of Gert, another batch of thunderstorms over the central Atlantic has potential to develop into a tropical depression and storm this week.


Being bullied may dramatically affect sleep

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New research, using a mouse model simulating human bullying, suggests that being bullied produces long-lasting, depression-like sleep dysfunction and other effects on daily biological rhythms.

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