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The UK millionaire with Bollywood dreams

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Jasbir Wouhra says he has loved singing ever since he was a four-year-old, growing up in India.

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Judging David Cage and Quantic Dream "By Their Work"

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That few appear to be shocked by the recent accusations levied at David Cage and Quantic Dream is telling.

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PS4 Exclusive Girls UND Panzer Gets New Trailer Showing the Tanks of Chi-Ha-Tan Academy

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A new trailer for the anime-inspired game Girls UND Panzer Dream Tank Match for PS4 shows the Japanese tanks of Chi-Ha-Tan Academy.


Dreams hands-on preview: Minecraft, meet your worst nightmare | finder

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Media Molecule's upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive is a digital wonder waiting to happen.

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Here are details of latest bipartisan DACA deal to protect DREAMers

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Senators to introduce bill providing $18 billion for border-security over the next decade in exchange for DREAMers getting permanent legal status.

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Chris Bourque living a dream with selection to U.S. hockey team

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Bourque is expected to be among USA's leading scorers in Olympics.


Remembering the Cranberries’ Dolores O’Riordan

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The biggest and most widely accepted lie about ’90s teen culture is that everyone was disaffected, aloof, and cool. We were nothing of the sort. We were dreamers and bleeding hearts whose world was changing perhaps much faster than the generation before — digitizing at a rate we couldn’t understand ...

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Lets Judge David Cage by His Work, Shall We?

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Kyle Bradford at GameSpew: Amidst reports of inappropriate behaviour at Quantic Dream, David Cage responded by asking people to judge him by his work. So we did.


Quantic Nightmare: Why We Shouldn't Tolerate Unhealthy Studio Culture

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Quantic Dreams is looking like it's going to be in some hot water. Whether these accusations are true or not, unhealthy studio culture is unacceptable.

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Nielsen advocates for 'permanent solution' for dreamers

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Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen said on Jan. 16 that her department is only interested in a "permanent solution" for dealing with dreamers.

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