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Youth using alternative tobacco products are more likely to smoke one year later

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Nonsmoking adolescents who use e-cigarettes, smokeless tobacco or tobacco water pipes are more likely to start smoking conventional cigarettes within a year, according to new research.

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Do less harm: E-cigarettes a safer option than smoking, experts say

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A new article focuses on harm minimization and smoking cessation, with alternative nicotine products like e-cigarettes emerging as a promising avenue for people who want to quit smoking.

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Can e-cigarettes help smokers quit?

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Pilot study finds smokers who are willing to use e-cigarettes tend to smoke less and have increased quit attempts, according to new research.

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Special Report: Scientists describe problems in Philip Morris e-cigarette experiments

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By Tom Lasseter, Paritosh Bansal, Thomas Wilson, Ami Miyazaki Duff Wilson and Aditya Kalra


Trust in e-cigarette safety varies by worldview, source of messaging

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Public health messaging about the safety of e-cigarettes needs to account for the worldviews of the target audience, with different groups displaying varying levels of trust depending on the source of the message, according to a recent study.

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E-cig use increases risk of beginning tobacco cigarette use in young adults

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Young adults who use electronic cigarettes are more than four times as likely to begin smoking tobacco cigarettes within 18 months as their peers who do not vape, according to new research. The findings demonstrate that e-cigarettes are serving as a gateway to traditional smoking, contrary to their purported value as a smoking cessation tool. The study is the first nationally representative survey that followed for more than a year people 18 to 30 years old who were initially nonsmokers.

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