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Arnold Schwarzenegger Calls Eliza Dushku Courageous for Sharing About Molestation Allegations

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Arnold Schwarzenegger called Eliza Dushku "courageous" for speaking out about her sexual molestation allegations against stunt coordinator Joel Kramer. On Jan. 14, Tom Arnold, who...


Arnold Schwarzenegger Responds to Eliza Dushku’s Assault Allegations: ‘She Is So Courageous’

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After Eliza Dushku came forward to allege that she was sexually assaulted on the set of True Lies, several of her co-stars from the 1994 film have spoken up in support of her. Most recently Arnold Schwarzenegger, who played her father in the action flick, wrote on Twitter that he ...


After Eliza Dushku’s Allegations, Two Other Women Accuse Stunt Coordinator Joel Kramer of Misconduct

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Days after Eliza Dushku accused stunt coordinator Joel Kramer of sexual molestation on the set of 1994’s True Lies when she was 12 years old, more women have accused Kramer of misconduct, reports Deadline. Laura Albert, a stunt woman who worked under Kramer on Virus, told Deadline that her 15-year-old ...


True Lies Stunt Coordinator Joel Kramer Continues to Deny Eliza Dushku's Allegations

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UPDATE: Joel Kramer continues to deny allegations made by Eliza Dushku on her Facebook page. "These accusations are entirely untrue. While filming True Lies I treated Ms. Dushku with...


Jamie Lee Curtis Discusses Eliza Dushku’s Alleged Abuse: ‘All of Us Must Take Some Responsibility’

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In a Huffington Post essay published this weekend, actress Jamie Lee Curtis lauded Eliza Dushku’s decision to come forward and reveal her alleged molestation at the hands of True Lies stunt coordinator Joel Kramer when she was 12. Curtis, who co-starred with Dushku in the 1994 action comedy, says she ...


Actress alleges abuse on set of True Lies

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US actress Eliza Dushku says she was sexually molested at age 12 by a stunt co-ordinator during production of the 1994 film True Lies.


Actress Eliza Dushku says she was molested at age 12 during production of 'True Lies'

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Actress Eliza Dushku says she was sexually molested at age 12 by a stunt coordinator during production of the 1994 film "True Lies."
In a on her Facebook account Saturday, Dushku also alleged that Joel Kramer, then 36, caused her to be injured on the set as payback for disclosing the alleged...


Eliza Dushku Says Stuntman Molested Her When She Was 12 (UPDATE)

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6:00 PM PT -- James Cameron, the director of "True Lies," says if he had known about Eliza's alleged assault ... "there would have been no mercy." He says he's heartbroken, but also glad Eliza spoke up along with all the other brave women who...


Eliza Dushku Claims True Lies Stunt Coordinator Molested Her When She Was 12

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Adding her voice to the hundreds of women speaking out about Hollywood’s sexual harassment and assault epidemic as part of the #MeToo movement, Eliza Dushku — perhaps best know for her roles in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Tru Calling — is alleging a veteran stunt coordinator sexually molested ...


Eliza Dushku Says Stuntman Molested her When She Was 12

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Eliza Dushku just posted a long, emotional account of how she says she was molested by a stuntman when she was just 12 years old, and the adults on the set did nothing to protect her. The actress says she was filming "True Lies" when the 36-year-old...


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