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FBI’s black ‘extremists’ report ignites fears of return to illegal government watch

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Political organizations and veteran members of the civil rights movement have expressed concern over an FBI report noting the rise of black “extremists,” and fear it could lead to a return to a time when the agency unjustly spied on organizations which hadn’t broken any laws.


Jack Ruby told FBI informant to "watch the fireworks" day JFK died: Documents

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The man who eventually killed Lee Harvey Oswald told an FBI informant to "watch the fireworks" shortly before JFK was killed in 1963


Ohio man threatened to kill wife, carry out 'historic' mass shooting at Las Vegas hotel, FBI says

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An Ohio man threatened to kill his wife and carry out mass shootings at a Las Vegas casino and church that would “go down in history,” the FBI said Thursday after uncovering a series of text messages.


GOP, Democratic senators back bill to bolster FBI gun checks

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Republican and Democratic senators have joined forces on legislation to strengthen the FBI database of prohibited gun buyers after the Air Force failed to report the criminal history of the gunman who slaughtered more than two dozen people at a Texas church.
Congress has taken no steps on guns...


Army acknowledges failures to report crime data to FBI

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The Army's top general says his service failed in a "significant" number of cases to report soldiers' criminal history to the FBI.

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Army Chief of Staff: 'Gaps and failures' in reporting criminal activity to FBI

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The U.S. Army Chief of Staff said there are "gaps and failures" on the part of the Army to report the criminal activity of soldiers to civil law enforcement agencies like the FBI. Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Gen. Mark Milley estimated that as many as 10 to 20 percent of the Army's total cases are not reported. "The percentage is too high," he admitted. After former Airman Devin Kelley opened fire at a church in Texas earlier this month, killing 26 people, it was revealed that the Air Force had failed to submit his conviction on domestic violence-related charges to the FBI. Had the FBI obtained his record, Kelley would have been legally prohibited from purchasing a firearm. "It's not just an Air Force problem," Milley said. "It's a problem across all the services where we have gaps in reporting criminal activity of people in service when they're convicted or they get a dishonorable discharge or those sorts of things, getting that over the appropriate law enforcement...


U.S. Justice Dept eyes spring to release findings on FBI handling of Clinton email probe

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The internal watchdog at the U.S. Justice Department said on Wednesday he hopes to complete his review by early spring into whether the Federal Bureau of Investigation erred when it announced it was reopening its investigation into Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton's emails ahead of the 2016 presidential election.


Confidential: Surveilling Black Lives Matter

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Fault Lines investigates the scope and impact of police and FBI surveillance of black activists in the US.

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