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Why parents should think twice before endorsing Facebook's kid-friendly app

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The social media giant is making it that much easier for children to become addicted to their screens.

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Forrester Identifies Key End-of-Year Data Points in IT BusinessForrester Identifies Key End-of-Year Data Points in IT Business

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Tech spending to reach $1.5 trillion next year; Facebook losing young followers; online ad revenue zooms up.

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Facebook: Social media scrolling can make you feel bad

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It's not quite like tobacco companies warning about the dangers of smoking, but Facebook is acknowledging something many already know: Passively scrolling through social media can make you feel bad.


Congressional hopeful drops out over harassment suit

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Andrea Ramsey called the allegations that she harassed and retaliated against a male employee "a lie" in a Facebook post


The Star Wars' 'Porg Invasion' Facebook game is here and adorable

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Porgs are adorable. They're also terrible co-pilots.


Oculus Go Could Make Virtual Reality Mainstream

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Priced under $200, Facebook's new standalone VR device could be the first all-in-one headset to reach tens of millions of consumers.

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Facebook isn't destroying society after all, says former exec

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Commentary: Chamath Palihapitiya, who suggested that he doesn't let his kids use Facebook, clarifies his views. On Facebook.

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AIM officially shuts down, but its influence lives on

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Years before Mark Zuckerberg built Facebook, he was focused on another technical project: tinkering with his AOL Instant Messenger account.


Facebook worries it might be bad for you, adds a mute button

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Facebook knows what people think of its effect on mental health.

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