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Discovering the structure of RNA

Added: 06.01.2018 18:24 | 2 views | 0 comments

A research team has developed a computerized simulation model which can effectively predict the three-dimensional conformation of the RNA filament starting from a sequence of nucleotides.

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Sylvania Smart Plus Filament LED (Apple HomeKit-enabled) Release Date, Price and Specs

Added: 05.01.2018 11:24 | 3 views | 0 comments

A new, vintage-style smart bulb from Sylvania is set to sync with Siri this spring.

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Mysterious Cosmic String Tugs on Center of Milky Way—but Astronomers Can't Explain Why

Added: 21.12.2017 10:22 | 3 views | 0 comments

A mysterious cosmic twine cuts through the heart of the Milky Way. The string has baffled astronomers since its discovery in 2016. Now, the highest-ever resolution image of the strange strand could finally tell astronomers what is behind our galaxy’s heartstring. Stretching 2.3 light years towards the edge of the Milky Way’s supermassive black hole, Sagittarius A*, the filament has been captured on camera by the National Science Foundation’s Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array. The images were published earlier this month as part of a paper in The Astrophysical Journal Letters. Keep up with this story and...

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Many more bacteria have electrically conducting filaments

Added: 08.12.2017 17:28 | 2 views | 0 comments

The microbiologists who have discovered electrically conducting microfilaments or 'nanowires' in the bacterium Geobacter, announce in a new article that they have discovered the unexpected structures in many other species, greatly broadening the research field on electrically conducting filaments.

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NASA spots weird circular filament on the sun

Added: 08.11.2017 18:22 | 14 views | 0 comments

There's some strangeness on the sun in a NASA solar observatory image of an extremely rare filament formation.

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Feit Electric 6.5W Vintage Style LED review

Added: 03.11.2017 15:22 | 16 views | 0 comments

They're almost purely decorative -- and they're not very bright -- but the twisty, old-timey filaments inside these light bulbs really nail the nostalgia aesthetic.

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New combination therapy of registered drugs shortens anti-Wolbachia therapy

Added: 24.10.2017 16:24 | 11 views | 0 comments

Researchers have found a way of significantly reducing the treatment required for lymphatic filariasis and onchocerciasis from several weeks to seven days. By targeting Wolbachia, a bacterial symbiont that the filarial parasites need to live, the team has discovered a drug synergy that enables effective treatment over a shorter time.

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Portable 3-D scanner assesses patients with elephantiasis

Added: 17.10.2017 11:25 | 13 views | 0 comments

An estimated 120 million people worldwide are infected with lymphatic filariasis, a parasitic, mosquito-borne disease that can cause major swelling and deformity of the legs, a condition known as elephantiasis. Scientists have shown that a portable scanning device can measure limb enlargement and disfigurement faster and more easily in patients with elephantiasis. The research tool makes it easy to obtain accurate measurements and determine whether treatments to reduce swelling are effective.

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