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Foreign Aid scandal:UK gives Uganda £100m as persecuted gays flee

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LAST year £96.3million of British money was spent in the country. Penny Mordaunt, the International Development Secretary and Prime Minister Theresa May are under growing pressure to address the scandal of Britain's bloated foreign aid commitments totalling £13.4billion.


Lee Daniels Says a Gay Rapper Topping The Charts Will Happen Soon

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Lee Daniels thinks his hit show "Empire" has helped cure hip-hop's homophobia and it won't be long before a gay rapper dominates the real charts. Daniels was on "Larry King Live" this week where he told King he thinks his show has "made gays...


Fear and paranoia grip Egypt’s LGBT community: 'I want to be forgotten'

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“The crackdown awakened the homophobia of the masses," one Egyptian man said. "People are cheering for the arrests of the gays.”


The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: Gettin’ Siggy With It

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What up, Jersey girls and gays? It’s your favorite Tre-hugger, kisser, apologist, and audiobook producer. In the immortal words of Jill Zarin, “Hiiiiiiiiii…”I’m filling in on these recaps (r’caps if you’re nasty) for Molly Fitzpatrick, who has to take a break from being so freaking brilliant and hilarious before someone ...


The Magic Mike Musical Will Have a Number for the Straight Guys, Too

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Broadway … it’s not just for gays anymore! The long delayed Magic Mike musical is definitely still happening (with lap dances), and it won’t be just an expensive male strip show with singing. At least for one song, there will be women dancing, too! “There will certainly be hot guys, ...

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American Horror Story: Cult Recap: The Gays of Our Lives

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They must be putting something in the water in Brookfield Heights, Michigan, because it’s putting everyone somewhere on the Kinsey Scale. It may only be a town of about 60,000 people, but it’s gayer than Liza Minnelli singing “Anyone Can Whistle.” Yes, we’ve already seen the Ivy, Ally, and Winter ...

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'Love and Hip Hop' Star Hazel-E Dropped But Not For Homophobic Rant

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"Love and Hip Hop Hollywood" is done with Hazel-E -- she's been dropped from the hit show, but producers claim it's NOT because she said all gays should burn in hell. A spokesperson for VH1 and the show's producers say they collectively decided not...


Hazel E Apologizes For Her Homophobic Remarks

Added: 19.10.2017 20:25 | 15 views | 0 comments

Well, we all knew this was coming #Roommates. It was really only a matter of time but #HazelE has created an apology video that addresses her homophobic comments from yesterday during an interview with TMZ. We all saw #HazelE and her boyfriend #RoseBurgandy go on a homophobic posting spree where Rose wished all gays a […]

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Hazel-E Is Sorry for Saying All Gays Should Burn In Hell

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"Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" star Hazel-E is eating her words, and asking her LGBT fans to forgive her for saying gays should burn in hell. We spoke to Hazel Thursday ... the day after she went on a homophobic social media rant. Someone...


Trump Reportedly Joked About Pence Wanting to 'Hang' Gays

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The alleged comments, originally reported by The New Yorker, highlight fears many LGBTQ advocates have about Vice President Mike Pence.

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