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Return of Project Fear? Frankfurt and Dublin to steal Brexit jobs, boasts German bank

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PROJECT Fear has returned with a vengeance after a German bank boasted Frankfurt and Dublin would steal jobs from Brexit Britain.


Syrian refugees in Germany name daughter Angela Merkel Muhammed

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A Syrian refugee family in Germany has named their newly born baby girl Angela Merkel Muhammed out of gratitude to the chancellor for her open-door asylum policy in 2015, hospital officials said.


Prospect Roundup: Games of Aug. 20

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Braves prospect Ronald Acuna continued to tear up Triple-A as a teenager while Yankees right-hander Domingo German shined once again as a starter for Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre.


Ex-Germany striker Podolski considers legal action over photo error

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Former Arsenal and Germany forward Lukas Podolski considers legal action after a right-wing website Breitbart printed a photo of him with an article about illegal immigration.


Angela Merkel: Germany could ban gas and diesel cars

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The internal combustion engine has suffered a new body blow, this time in the country that invented the modern car.


Trust must be resorted in diesel cars: Angela Merkel on call to ban them following emission cheating scandal

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Merkel, the German Chancellor, however, maintained that she was angered by the auto giants who broke the law


Thieves make off with two tonnes of Nutella from small German town

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You could say the daring crims really do have sticky fingers


The end of Schulz? Former EU chief faces German election WIPEOUT

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MARTIN Schulz is facing a German election wipeout as critics argue he is “too cautious” to take on Chancellor Angela Merkel.


'It's shocking'

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The display of Nazi symbols is illegal in Germany - so how do Germans respond to Charlottesville?

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Hard-right AfD wants "Germany First" asylum policy

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The hard-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party called on Monday for Germany's asylum and development aid policies to be restructured along "Germany First" lines and painted a dramatic picture of a society overwhelmed by migration.


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