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Ex-Google engineer: I was fired for pushing back on discrimination

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A former Google engineer is accusing the company of firing him after he spoke out about incidents of racism, sexism and harassment.

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Making the jump to Google Cloud Spanner

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At Mobile World Congress next week, one of Google Cloud Spanner's first reference clients will be demonstrating a Tier 1 telco charging system ported from Oracle. Optiva, which is demo'ing the system and claiming 10x scalability vs Oracle, explained to us how they made the transition.


Ex-Google engineer's lawsuit says liberal views got him fired

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The lawsuit follows a suit filed last month by James Damore, author of the infamous “Google Memo.”

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Everything you can expect from the Samsung Galaxy S9 video

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Samsung's Galaxy S9 will be announced on Feb. 25, but we pretty much know everything about it already. Plus Google Pay comes to Android, and say goodbye to Swype.

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How search algorithms reinforce racism and sexism

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Search patterns matter because sites like Google are becoming increasingly powerful arbiters of public information.

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The Nest Cam IQ Indoor is now also a Google Assistant speaker

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A free software update turns your Nest Cam IQ Indoor into a Google Assistant speaker.

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YouTube promoted Florida shooting video that fueled 'paid actor' conspiracy

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YouTube was criticized after promoting a video with a title that suggested a teenage survivor of last week's Florida school shooting was a paid actor, the latest sign of Google's ongoing struggle to suppress conspiracy theories on its massive video site.
The video shows David Hogg, a student who...


Google Consolidates Android Pay, Wallet Under Single BrandGoogle Consolidates Android Pay, Wallet Under Single Brand

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New Google Pay app for Android is part of an effort by the company to enable a consistent payment experience across its products and services.


Google makes Cloud IoT Core service generally available

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The fully managed service, already in use in industries like transportation, oil and gas, utilities and healthcare, is now out of public beta.

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