Monday, 29 May 2017
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Scientists develop a way to detect 'hidden' traces of HIV

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HIV is notorious for lying dormant in immune cells in a way that even the most developed and expensive methods could not spot.


Sorting out HIV: Research collaboration devises a new method that could speed up vaccine development for HIV

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A new technique for rapidly sorting HIV viruses has now been created, which could lead to more rapid development of a vaccine for HIV, say experts. The technique will enable scientists to identify specific features in the proteins on the virus’s surface that are recognized by the immune system and elicit a response similar to that seen in elite controllers – patients that are able to survive without antiviral treatment.

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Cutting HIV and Aids treatments costs in South Africa

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Cutting HIV and Aids treatments costs in South Africa with pharmaceuticals from India.


Cost-effective ways to combat HIV risk among intravenous drug users identified

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With the abuse of opioids on the rise in the United States, researchers are concerned that increased HIV transmission from shared needles won't be far behind.

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Company offers first nationwide STD testing from home

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myLAB Box says it's the first nationwide company that offers home STD testing. It tests for 10 different types of STDs and STIs, including HPV, HIV and chlamydia. The company is based in L.A.

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New Zealand beekeepers fight for rights to manuka honey name

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Beekeepers guard ‘liquid gold’ against foreign fraudsters and local hive thieves

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The Charlie Sheen effect on HIV testing

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On Nov. 17, 2015, actor Charlie Sheen publicly disclosed he was HIV-positive on NBC's Today Show. In previous research, scientists found that Sheen's disclosure corresponded with millions of online search queries for HIV prevention and testing. A follow-up study finds it also led to more sales of in-home HIV testing kits.

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US beekeeper arrested over spate of California beehive thefts

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Detectives say thousands of hives worth nearly $1m were stolen from almond orchards over three years.


The 'Charlie Sheen effect' on HIV

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Researchers at San Diego State University have published a study showing Sheen's TV appearance sparked an uptick with rates of people getting at-home HIV tests - reaching a record high.


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