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‘Resistance’ has sights on ballot box

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The idea first came to Teresa Shook, a Hawaii retiree, in the hours after Donald Trump was elected. Perhaps, she suggested to a few friends on Facebook, women could march on Washington to show the depth of their resistance. Two days later, New York fashion designer Bob Bland joined the call for action with her own message.


Hawaii-Set Open World Shooter Nightmarchers Begins Crowdfunding

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"Nightmarchers, a new open-world shooter with RPG elements, has begun its efforts to raise $100,000 via the Fig crowdfunding platform."

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False alarm: 'Emergency' alert jolts New Jersey cable TV viewers

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The alert in Morris County came five days after residents of Hawaii were jolted by warnings of incoming ballistic missiles via mobile-device alerts.

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Dennis Quaid's Ripped Beach Date with Model GF Santa Auzina

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Dennis Quaid's not letting age slow him down ... instead, he's hitting a Hawaiian beach with his much younger gf, packing on the PDA, and showing off his ripped 63-year-old bod. Dennis and model Santa Auzina had nothing but a good time Wednesday on...


Senate panel to probe Hawaii alerts as FCC investigates

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A U.S. Senate panel plans to hold a Jan. 25 hearing on the errant Hawaii ballistic missile alert that stirred panic and anger as the Federal Communications Commission investigates the matter.

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3 Things to Know About Surviving a Nuclear Bomb

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While my family and I were in Hawaii over New Year’s, we had a Korean taxi driver drive us from HNL airport to our hotel. I...

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AP Top Stories January 18 A

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Here's the latest for Thursday, January 18th: Congress leaders look for budget deal support; Trump immigration views said to be evolving; Hawaii officials waited for FEMA before announcing alert was false; Winter weather may cause rolling blackouts.


Hawaii Officials Apologize for Release of Wrong Missile Warning Image

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The Hawaii Emergency Management Agency said it provided the wrong image when it released a screenshot of what the employee who launched the mistaken ballistic missile warning would have seen

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Minutes passed before Hawaii called feds about bogus alert

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It took Hawaii officials more than 20 minutes to contact federal authorities to seek guidance after realizing they had sent out a bogus alert saying there was a missile headed toward the islands.

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No bail for ex-death row inmate charged with sex trafficking

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An exonerated death row inmate from Delaware has been ordered held without bail on a sex trafficking charge in Hawaii.

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