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A Behind the Scenes Look at Kelsea Ballerini's New Music Video "Legends"

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What could Kelsea Ballerini's biggest fear on set be? Stepping into horse poop... The Grammy-nominated singer co-wrote "Legends" with Hillary Lindsey and producer Forest Glen...

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Wild Horses to Be Culled Out West After House Committee's OK

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The American West's population of wild horses is set to be culled after a House Committee on Tuesday night authorized the culling, or euthanizing, of thousands of wild horses and burros that roam public land.

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Police officer sacked for pulling triple 'sickie' to watch horse racing

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A police officer who threw a "sickie" three times to go and watch horse racing has been sacked after he was found guilty of gross misconduct.

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Twin Peaks Recap: Laura Is the One

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(Author’s note: I have the unfortunate job of replacing the irreplaceable Laura Hudson for the next few weeks. But if you fear the changing of horses midstream, here’s how I feel about Twin Peaks: The Return so far: It’s a gift. Many have remarked about the show’s stylistic and tonal ...

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Ponies on ice: 2018 Ford Mustang gets its own ice cream flavor - Roadshow

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No, it doesn't taste like horses. That's awful. Why would you think that?

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Cream of the crop arrive in Chantilly

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It's better known as a home for horse racing, but the picturesque French city of Chantilly has this weekend opened its doors to show jumping.


10 great places to see wild horses

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While the eagle might be our national symbol, the wild horse seems just as fitting.

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Dark Horse Comics’ October 2017 Solicitations

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American Gods: Shadows, Sherlock Frankenstein & The Legion of Evil, Dept. H and much Dark Horse Comics’ October 2017 Solicitations.

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How wild horses of the West would die under Trump budget

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Wild horses, a living symbol of the wide-open West, could be killed in greater numbers under a budget proposal from President Trump.


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