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Trump touts VA bill, whistleblower not convinced

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A Veterans Affairs whistleblower isn’t convinced that enough is being done to fix the problems plaguing hospitals nationwide. President Donald Trump signed a bill into law Friday aimed at overhauling the agency. (June 23)


Aaron Carter Hospitalized After Woman Bullies, Body Shames Him

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Aaron Carter ended up in the hospital, apparently for exhaustion, following a concert -- the cherry on top of an awful night, which he says included some major body shaming. The singer performed at the HOT 107.9 concert in Syracuse Thursday...


E3 2017: Nightmares come alive in VR hospital

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Dave Lee checks in to a virtual reality psychiatric hospital, in a new video game.


Teen Fatally Shot by Police Who Were Aiming at Attacking Dog

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The 17-year-old, who had helped to restrain the dog after the first bite, died at a hospital an hour later.


Illegal levels of toxic air blight 70% of medical centres in central London

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Seven in 10 hospitals and health centres are in inner London areas blighted by illegal levels of toxic air, it can be revealed today.


Sri Lankan doctors on strike to demand university's closure

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Services at Sri Lanka's state-run hospitals were paralyzed as government doctors went on strike demanding the government shut down a private medical university.


The couple who fought to bury their foetus

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They can now collect the 15-week-old foetus from a hospital and carry out a proper burial.



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Luxury Travel Magazine interviews the most influential leaders in the travel and hospitality business.

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Flawed gun data lead to wrong conclusions, researchers say

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Researchers and some media reports have suggested a so-called "medical triumph" is happening in American hospitals because homicide rates have decreased despite a rise in gun violence. But the idea didn't sound right to two gun researchers.


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